“America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One.” Texas Mayor Switches Sides but Has He “Turned His Back” on Voters?

A Democrat mayor in Dallas, Texas, is changing his political party affiliation because he’s not happy with the way Democrats are handling issues in America. Here’s the whole story. 

Texas’ Shifting Party Affiliations

The political tables are turning in Dallas, Texas, where Democratic Mayor Eric Johnson says he’s “changing [his] party affiliation.” Johnson served as a Democrat in the Texas Legislature for nine years before Dallas elected him as the city’s mayor in 2019.

Johnson says that when his career ends in 2027, he will “leave office as a Republican.” By switching from Democrat to Republican, Johnson made Dallas the largest city in the country to be led by a Republican mayor.

Mayor Eric Johnson wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal announcing his political party affiliation switch. In the title, he said, “America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One.”

Cities “In Disarray”

In the newspaper column, Johnson listed the reasons for wanting to switch his political party affiliation. One main reason was that cities in America were “in disarray.” According to Johnson, Democratic leaders haven’t made public safety a priority. 

Johnson said that America’s future depends on mayors across the nation “championing law and order and practicing fiscal conservatism.” He called on local leaders to bring “law and order” back to their cities while lowering taxes for their residents.

Mayor Johnson has been popular among the residents of Dallas. When he was reelected for a second term as mayor, he won with 98% of the votes. He said his priority as mayor has been to make Dallas “safer, stronger, and more vibrant” and that his “approach is working.”

He “Turned His Back” on Voters

The announcement came with support and criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. Leaders of the Texas Democratic Party said that Johnson’s announcement was “neither surprising nor unwelcome.” 

They feel he “wasn’t honest” when he ran for reelection and that those who voted for him deserved to know the truth before they reelected him, not now. 

Kardal Coleman, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair, claimed Johnson had “turned his back” on the voters in Dallas “who trusted that he would uphold…Democratic values.” Coleman called Johnson’s political party affiliation switch “an embarrassment” to the community and claimed Johnson was “abandoning his values” along with the people of Dallas. 

“Texas Is Getting More Red Every Day”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was pleased to welcome Johnson to the Republican Party, saying, “He’s pro-law enforcement and won’t tolerate leftist agendas.”

In a tweet on the social media platform X, Abbott said, “Texas is getting more Red every day.”

One person called the mayor’s move while still in office “dastardly and underhanded.” Someone else said, “Politicians should not be allowed to switch parties while in office.”

On TikTok, someone who describes himself as a “political commentator” talked about this “concerning trend” in America where politicians campaign as Democrats but switch to Republicans once they are in office. He said this behavior is “unfair and corrupt.”

Switching Sides

In recent years, several American politicians have switched from the Democrat Party to the GOP, including Joseph Pannullo, the mayor of East Hanover, New Jersey.

A commenter on the TikTok video said, “You can’t blame him. The Democrats have completely destroyed America with…crazy left-wing ideology.”

A person who lives in Dallas praised Johnson, saying, “He has done a great job making it a better place versus other Dem cities.”

Party Chair “Thrilled” With the Change

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Dallas County Republican Party Chair, was “thrilled” about the mayor’s decision to join the Republican Party and said, “We look forward to working with Mayor Johnson to protect our individual freedoms and our citizens.”

In the op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Johnson said, “I was never a favorite of the Democratic caucus, and the feeling was mutual.”

His political party affiliation switch has some wondering if Johnson plans to run for a higher political office after his term as mayor is complete in 2027.

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