Among Us Net Worth, History, Success Story

In 2018, Among Us was released as an online social deduction game. It was created and published by InnerSloth, which is a game development studio based in the United States. Apparently, it was influenced by “Mafia”, a party game, as well as the horror film “The Thing”. The game was available on multiple platforms; launching in June 2018 on Android and iOS, and later in November, on Windows.

Among Us Net Worth

In October 2020, Among Us had 60 million daily active players, with $86 million in revenue as of July 2021.

Among Us overview 

If you are unfamiliar with Among Us, it is a social deduction game. The game has Imposters and  Crewmates, the crewmates must find Imposters and fulfill tasks, and Imposters have the goal of sabotaging the tasks and killing Crewmates. 

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Due to this conflict, notably on streaming platforms where viewers can see streamers’ opinions, the game has become a viral hit among American Twitch and YouTube streamers.

Among Us Success Story

Among Us was not an overnight success when it launched in 2018. The development team members gladly report that the game reached a peak of 1800 concurrent players in its first year, leading to the temporary shutdown of the servers. 

In August 2020, Among Us started climbing swiftly up the app charts on Android, iOS, and Steam. Brazilian and South Korean streamers were among the first to see the potential of the game, both for viewers and friends. Among Us videos were viewed for over four billion hours in September. 

The game had more than 60 million daily active users in September 2020, nearly all of them using Android or iOS devices. As of August 2020, InnerSloth planned to release a sequel, but given the popularity of the original, the company decided not to release the sequel and instead focus on fixing bugs and integrating new features into the original.