An Au Pair Reveals Her Fantastically Fowl Tale of Petty Revenge

Studies suggest that one of the trickiest jobs to hold is Au Pairing – and it’s easy to see why. Imagine being held at the whim of a random family, not having much security in the way of pay, while you are also responsible for their kids and potentially cleaning the house. It’s no wonder that many people give up quickly – especially if the family you’re working for is hard to please! That’s precisely what happened to our storyteller here. Luckily, she hatched a fowl revenge plan and executed it perfectly!

She Felt Stuck in Her Life

Maria was in her early twenties when she decided to work as an au pair. She had just graduated from college and felt stuck in her life.

So, she thought that going to another country would be a good way to get some life experience and maybe even figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

Maria’s job as an au pair was essentially slave work if she got stuck with a bad family. She didn’t pay rent and lived with the family, ate their food, and only received a small amount of pocket money.

However, when Maria started working for this one family, things seemed to be okay. The kids were well-behaved, and the parents were nice. Her work was easy, and she didn’t have any major complaints.

Things Began to Change

But with time, things began to change. The family started asking Maria to do more and more things around the house, and the mother became more particular about the cleaning.

The mother didn’t seem to understand that when Maria cleaned the house, the kids would inevitably make a mess, and things wouldn’t stay clean for very long. 

They started making her do more outrageous things; once, the mother made Maria clean the floor with a toothbrush!

Another time, she had a new bed delivered and wanted Maria to switch the beds around, even though it was beyond her pay grade.

She Stood up for Herself

Maria stood up for herself and told the mother that it was too much to ask of her. The mother replied, “If not you, then who should be doing that? Me?”

Maria suggested that it should be her and her husband who had just gone on holiday, even though the mother knew the bed would arrive while he was gone.

Despite these issues, Maria continued to work for the family because she needed the job, and it was better than being homeless.

Maria’s salary was only $400 per month, and she was doing far more than they paid her to do. Eventually, Maria decided that enough was enough and that it was time to leave.

One Month’s Notice

According to her contract, she was supposed to give the family one month’s notice. So, she told the mother that she was leaving and that she needed to find someone else to replace her.

The mother then made Maria a proposition. She said that if Maria stayed for two more months, she would pay her some extra money. Maria was hesitant, but she desperately needed the money, so she agreed to stay.

When the time came for Maria to leave, the mother reneged on her promise to pay Maria extra, saying that she was a terrible worker and that she wasn’t happy with her!

Maria threatened to call the police, and the mother reluctantly paid Maria the extra money they owed her. However, before Maria left, the mother demanded that Maria clean the house to her liking.

They Treated Her Poorly

Maria was already frustrated with the family, and she felt like they had treated her poorly, so she decided to get her revenge.

Maria got a carton of eggs and made small holes in the shells. She then put them in every single curtain rod in the house, including the heavy ones that the family had.

Maria also hid some of the eggs in the bedroom, in the closet away from being seen, and on top of the closet. She didn’t clean the house at all before she left, and she took her bags and left.

Maria’s revenge was subtle, but it was sure to leave a lasting impact. She knew that the eggs would start to smell after a while, and the family would have a hard time locating the source of the smell.

She Got Her Revenge

Maria left the house in disarray, and she imagined the family tearing the house apart, trying to find the source of the stench!

In the end, Maria got her revenge. After months of being treated like a slave and a useless person, she finally stuck up for herself, albeit in a unique way! 

She was ecstatic – it was a small victory, but it felt good to get some revenge after months of mistreatment, and it made her feel like she did have some control over her life!

Redditors enjoyed this story. One user said, “Wonderfully played. I hope that they are still finding your little gifts to this day!”

What do you think of her story of revenge? Have you ever worked as an Au Pair?

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