An Explosive Shutdown – Librarian Silences Debate on Biological Men Versus Biological Women and Ignites Trans Firestorm!

In a surprising turn of events, Scott Love, the librarian at the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library in Davis, California, decided to raise eyebrows by abruptly shutting down a Sunday event, invoking the protection of free speech laws. 

Transgender Athletes Competing in Women’s Sports

The unprecedented order to disband the event occurred just ten minutes after it began, right after the first speaker referred to transgender athletes competing in women’s sports.

During the event held on Sunday, Sophia Lorey, a former NCAA athlete and outreach coordinator for CA Family Council, passionately stated, “Currently, 10-year-old girls cannot live out the same dream [I had] as long as men are allowed to compete in women’s sports.”

The incident unfolded during an event organized by Moms for Liberty (MFL), Yolo County, which featured a lineup of speakers connected with the Interscholastic Federation (CIF), NCAA athletes, and “legal experts on Title IX.”

The primary focus of the gathering was to advocate for equitable and secure sports opportunities for girls.

Biological Men Versus Biological Women – A Heated Exchange

The atmosphere was tumultuous when former NCAA athlete Sophia Lorey took the stage and broached the subject of the inherent physical advantage that biological males hold over females in sports, referring to them as male athletes.

As Lorey continued to express her viewpoint, using terms like “biological girls” and “biological men,” the librarian intervened, demanding that references to transgender females as males cease.

This intervention led to a chaotic disruption, with members of the pro-LGBTQ community in attendance vociferously countering Lorey’s stance with the chant, “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN.”

Beth Bourne, President of MFL, emphasized the implications of the CIF’s policies, which impact over 320,000 high school girls in California.

“The Fact That Very Few Parents and Athletes Fully Comprehend the Origins and Practical Implications of These Policies Within Educational Institutions.”

She said, “The fact that very few parents and athletes fully comprehend the origins and practical implications of these policies within educational institutions.”

Bourne expressed deep disappointment over the event’s abrupt conclusion.

She noted that while the left often resorts to tactics like censorship and hostility, MFL remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering open dialogues and providing platforms for diverse viewpoints to be heard.

MFL Remain Undeterred

Bourne and MFL remain undeterred despite the setback, planning to reschedule the event in the upcoming fall.

This determination stems from the belief in creating an environment where a wide spectrum of perspectives can be presented, debated, and understood.

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