An Ice Cream Truck Was Driving Her to the Brink of Insanity, so She Had to Get Some Petty Revenge!

Have you ever been driven to the brink of insanity by someone’s behavior? Maybe it was a neighbor’s dog that barked all night or a coworker who constantly interrupted you during meetings. For Rachel, it was the ice cream truck that drove through her neighborhood twice a day during the summer! Read on to find out how she got her revenge.

She Wasn’t a Fan of the Ice Cream Truck

Rachel had never been a fan of the ice cream truck.

Sure, as a kid, she would have chased it down the street and begged her mom for some money to buy a popsicle or an ice cream cone, but as an adult, she found the constant jingle of the truck’s tune to be grating.

And when that jingle started to become a regular fixture outside of her mother’s house, Rachel’s patience ran out entirely.

It wasn’t long after Rachel’s second marriage had fallen apart that she moved in with her mom.

The Truck Showed Up Twice a Day

It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement while she got back on her feet, but life had a funny way of derailing even the most carefully laid plans.

Rachel found herself stuck there for a year, working a second-shift job that left her at home during the day.

That’s when the ice cream truck started to show up.

At first, Rachel tried to ignore it. She’d put in some earbuds and drown out the sound with her favorite podcasts, or she’d leave the house and go for a walk until the truck had moved on.

The Truck Music Infuriated Her

But the truck’s persistence was infuriating. It came by twice a day, every day, and it always stopped right in front of her mom’s house. Rachel couldn’t escape the sound of that damned jingle, no matter how hard she tried.

One day, fed up with the constant noise, Rachel went outside to talk to the driver.

She asked him if he could turn the music off after ten minutes since, by then, all the kids knew he was there. He told her to get lost (although he used much more impolite language.)

That was the last straw. Rachel was done being polite. She decided to get her petty revenge.

She Decided to Get Her Revenge

She knew a guy who worked for a delivery company that sold the same kind of stuff you’d find on an ice cream truck. He was more than happy to sell her whatever she wanted at wholesale cost and even threw in some freebies.

Rachel’s mom had a chest freezer in the mudroom on the side of the house, conveniently located for her new enterprise.

Rachel talked to some of the neighbors about what the ice cream truck driver had said and how she planned to get her revenge. When they heard that he had dropped the F-bomb in front of little kids, they were all on board.

They already didn’t like him because he was gruff, unfriendly, and generally ill-suited for a job that involved talking to people, especially children.

And It Was Next Level Petty

Word got around quickly. Whenever the ice cream truck showed up, the kids would bypass him and line up at the side door of Rachel’s mom’s house.

Rachel’s mother was 100% on board with the plan. She was next-level petty, and she relished the opportunity to stick it to the driver.

Rachel took orders, and her mother pulled the ice cream and popsicles from the freezer.

Rachel even gave away homemade ice pops for free to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Some of the parents even tipped her for the treats.

He Angrily Confronted Her

On the second day of Rachel’s operation, the driver confronted her and demanded to know what the hell she thought she was doing.

Rachel stood her ground. She told him that she had tried to talk to him like a grown-up, but he had acted like a child. This was his punishment.

The driver made some threats of physical violence, but Rachel wasn’t afraid.

Her mother called the police, and they took statements from Rachel, her mother, the dad from next door, and a few of the kids who were waiting for their ice cream when the driver made the threat.

He Used to Threaten the Kids

As it turned out, the driver didn’t even own the truck. He was just an employee of a larger ice cream outfit. Several parents called the company to complain about him swearing and threatening violence in front of their kids.

After about a week and a half of not seeing the ice cream truck, a different person started running it.

The previous driver was charged with making terrorist threats and had priors, so he got a fine and six months probation. The new driver was an older guy who loved kids, and the kids loved him!

Rachel shut down her operation and gave the rest of her stock away when the neighborhood had a block party the weekend before school started.

She Had the Last Laugh

Rachel had finally gotten her petty revenge on the ice cream truck driver who had been getting on her last nerve all summer. It had taken a lot of effort, but in the end, it was all worth it.

She had gotten the last laugh, and the kids had ice cream. It was a win-win for everyone!

What do you think of Rachel’s story? Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to resort to petty revenge to deal with it?

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