“Ankle Monitor on a Baby Is Insane.” – Electric Shock Product for Parents “Struggling to Sleep at Night”

One product has gone viral for shocking the Twitterverse, with some not getting the joke! A TikTok video shows an “ankle monitor for kids,” even suggesting that you can shock your child at any time by using an app.

Ankle Monitors for Kids

A TikTok video made by @shampoooty is going around that’s got everyone talking, reshared by @legboot on Twitter.

The video starts off normal, but then it gets weird by suggesting ankle monitors for children.

The video shows a text that reads, “If you’re a parent and struggling to sleep at night.” Sounds innocent enough, right? 

“I bet it’s because they will not stay in their rooms,” the text and voice goes on to say.

Electric Shocking Kids

The video starts to talk about putting ankle monitors on kids’ legs and even making them feel a small shock.

There’s an app mentioned that can track and control kids’ behavior, making things even creepier.

They show someone taking the product from a Walmart shelf to make it seem real.

It turns out the product is a joke set by a prankster on TikTok, but of course, Twitter gets offended anyway.

People on Twitter really believe it’s true and get upset, thinking kids are being mistreated.

Shocked Responses

One user said, “Ankle monitor on a baby is insane.”

Another user made the hilarious connection between ankle monitors and the popular kids channel “Cocomelon,” suggesting the brand name “Cocofelon” for the product.

Initially posted by @shampoooty on Instagram, you can find more hilarious fake products for kids.

Other dark humor products include a “swing catapult” and even a pair of handcuffs to keep your little ones in place.

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