Anti-Semitic Internet Troll Challenge to Israeli MMA Fighter Taken Seriously – Left Demolished and Acknowledging the Holocaust

One Twitter troll and America First supporter called out a Jewish UFC fighter in a clash of the ages, ending in a unique public humiliation for an opponent in more ways than one.

An Online Insult Taken Seriously

When an outspoken supporter of far-right leader Nick Fuentes challenged an Israeli UFC fighter in person, it set the stage for an epic showdown.

The clash began with Natan Levy, a skilled Israeli MMA fighter, taking down an online user who had insulted him.

Levy targeted the Twitter user with pointed words, calling him “built like a chopstick” and “definitely not a threat.”

Another individual, known as Ben, offered to spar on behalf of America First, “I’ll drive to Vegas any day of the week to spar you on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes and America First. With no formal MMA training should be easy, right?”

Unafraid of the Challenge

Levy, unafraid of the challenge, accepted the offer, ready to face off against Ben in a real-life match.

Plans materialized, waivers were signed, and the two combatants prepared to clash in a Las Vegas gym.

In a video shared on Levy’s YouTube channel, Ben explained his motives, claiming that Natan’s tweets were “Critical of somebody who associates themselves with America First and the political values that I value.”

Ben went on to say, “As a defender of that [America First], and as a former martial arts experience trained person myself, I thought it would be fun to come spar.”

“Not a Hateful Person”

Ben defended his online behavior as mere “messing around” and denied being hateful, claiming himself as “Not a hateful person” despite his affiliation with Fuentes.

Fuentes, labeled a “white supremacist” by the US Department of Justice, stood at the heart of the online exchange.

When questioned about the holocaust, Ben shockingly suggested that the “real” number of Jews that died is less than the 6 million that was reported, “Whether it would be numbers that might have been different over the years … I mean, they say six million.”

The gym turned into an arena as Levy and Ben faced off, with the battle culminating in a humbling defeat for one.

A Beautiful Defeat

Ben found himself taken to the ground, forced into submission, and acknowledging his ignorance.

As he tapped out, Ben could be heard yelling, “I’m sorry!” to his opponent, who showed him no mercy, followed by an audience member shouting, “Nah, no sorry’s, shut up!”

After their match, Ben conceded that six million Jews were indeed “murdered in the Holocaust” and pledged to be more informed.

Ben’s defeat was hailed as “beautiful” on Twitter/X, with Levy celebrated for confronting ignorance head-on.

Other users called the easy victory “Impressive” and “Awesome” as the white supremacist got taught a valuable lesson.

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