Apple Deemed Insensitive and Out of Touch by Message Issued for Black History Month

It’s come to light in a recent TikTok video that Apple has been sending out a message to Apple Watch users about Black History Month, which has caused some debate on social media. The message uses Black History Month to encourage users to complete their fitness goals rather than focusing on Black History itself.

Puzzling Notification

An Apple Watch fitness notification during Black History Month has customers confused.

The message linking fitness and Black history left many puzzled.

The Apple Watch notification asked users to earn a “Unity award” by closing their Move ring for seven days in a row during February to honor Black history.

People were upset by the unexpected link between fitness and Black history. The message seemed insensitive.

“Lose Weight to End Racism”

@prettycritical’s TikTok video called out Apple’s approach, saying, “The one thing that Apple has to say about honoring Black people and Black history is ‘use our product, maybe lose a little weight.’ I mean, come on.”

Social media users joined in the criticism.

One person wrote, “Lose weight to end racism was not the approach I thought I’d ever hear.”

Many users suggested that Apple can do better to celebrate Black History Month, “no bc there’s so many other things they could’ve gone with their platform to support the black community + black creators.”

What’s the Big Deal?

The debate continues as many users say they don’t understand the offense, “The goal of the Watch is encouraging fitness, and they will tie it with current happenings. We could read deeper into it, but I don’t think we need to.”

Another user argues, “I’m not understanding the outrage, this is a standard challenge they’ve been doing for years/decades??”

Do you have any alternative ways that Apple could use its products to honor Black History Month? We want to hear them in the comments.

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