Ashley Massengill Net Worth, Biography, Success Story (Updated)

Ashley Massengill is a content creator and entrepreneur based in Fort Worth, Texas. She was born in the United States on August 4, 1988 (age 33). 

She became a millionaire without using any paid advertisements, solely through the use of social media. She has more than 35,400 Instagram followers (2022) and about 309,000 Facebook followers.

Full NameAshley Massengill
ProfessionContent Creator and Entrepreneur
Birth PlaceUnited States
Date of BirthAugust 4, 1988
Age34 (till August 2022)
Instagram Account@ashley_massengill
Course PortalDigital Course Recipe
Ashley Massengill Net Worth $30 million (Last Updated August, 2022)

Ashley Massengill Net Worth

Within four years, Ashley Massengill went from having no money to having over $30 million. Recently, she also broke another record when she generated over $1 million in revenue from her online course, Digital Course Recipe, in just 40 minutes!

This remarkable feat attracted Ankur Nagpal, the chief executive officer of Teachable, and Stripe, which featured her in an article about creator economies.

Ashley Massengill Success Story

In 2013, Ashley had a tough financial time, which led to her being evicted from her house and her car being repossessed. Despite that, she overdrew her bank account and resigned from her job in 2017 to begin her business of credit repair.

Her first company, AM/PM Credit Repair, was launched in 2017. Since she started her business four years ago, she has earned more than $30 million through various business endeavors, and she has won eight awards.
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After launching her business, so many people approached her asking how they could build a credit repair business. After seeing the market’s high demand, Massengill entered the creator economy. She created an online course on how to start a credit repair business.

Later on, she was asked by a number of people about how they too could launch a successful online course. Digital Course Recipe was launched by Massengill to empower anyone wanting to make a difference in their communities. 

How Ashley Massengill earned $1 million in 40 minutes

Ashley Massengill earned more than $1 million after launching her digital course in just 40 minutes.

“$1,039,943 in 40 MINUTES LESS THAN AN HOUR!!! Mama I made it! Somebody call up Forbes lol TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!,” Massengill wrote on her Facebook.

The reason she left her job was that she was making more money with her business in one month than she was with her day job in three months. 

“Yep! I TRIPLED my federal salary in my pajamas. Just working from HOME and helping others reach their GOALS,” she said.

“When God is telling you to MOVE, you just MOVE, Even if you don’t understand where he’s trying to take you, just TRUST HIM. He didn’t bring you this far, just to LEAVE YOU I can NOT wait to see what else GOD has in store for us,” Ashley advised.