Asylum Seekers Forced onto Barge with Government Ignoring Deadly Risk Lurking Aboard – “An Unsafe, Frightening and Isolated Place”

After nearly 50 migrants were forced to move onto a huge barge on the coast of the UK, they were shortly forced to leave again after a shocking and deadly discovery led to a full-scale evacuation.

Migrates Moved from Hotels to a Barge

An unexpected crisis has thrown the British government into confusion after they were forced to evacuate a barge that would become home to hundreds of migrants.

The Home Office acted quickly to remove all 39 asylum seekers from the vessel, which was docked at Portland Port in Dorset. 

The Bibby Stockholm Barge has been all over the news recently as the British government controversially announced that it would home up to 500 migrants, removing them from hotels.

Despite reassurances from Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick that the barge was “perfectly decent accommodation,” the emergency evacuation proves otherwise.

Deadly Bacteria

Activists are now demanding that the barge’s use for migrants be stopped entirely.

A shocking and deadly bacteria outbreak is what led to the immediate evacuation of all migrants from the Bibby Stockholm barge. 

The deadly bacteria is known as Legionella bacteria, and an outbreak has been discovered in the water supply of the barge.

After consuming Legionella bacteria, it’s possible to contract pneumonia.

No one has fallen ill from Legionnaires’ disease, a severe type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria.

Asylum Seekers Evacuated

The Home Office learned about the Legionella discovery, and yet six more asylum seekers were placed on the barge the next day. 

These six were removed later that evening, leading to the complete evacuation two days later under the guidance of the UK Health Security Agency.

What was supposed to be a week of addressing immigration issues turned into chaos. 

Believed to come from the vessel’s pipes, the bacteria can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, a lung infection caused by inhaling water droplets.

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