Babies Going Hungry: Woman Shows No Sympathy as She Stockpiles Formula for Profit

One mother was shocked to find a woman’s cart full to the brim with hundreds of baby formula bottles, highlighting the struggle that mothers currently face. She also hits out at the anti-abortion laws as more women need the formula while others keep it all for themselves.

A Mother’s Plea

A TikTok video reveals a mother’s emotional plea against formula hoarding at a Target store.

The video was captioned, “People like this cause the shortages, not enough formula for kids but hey let’s ban abortions.”

TikTok user chopnedits, we’ll call her Beth, shared a video of her arguing about the amount of baby formula the other woman had in her cart. 

The video, filmed by Beth’s younger sister, captures American women’s real-life struggle for baby formula.

The shopper’s cart is filled to the brim with baby formula, leaving none for anyone else.

Formula Shortages

Attempting to reason with the formula hoarder, the sister questions the ethics behind her actions.

Shockingly, the hoarder didn’t care about the struggles of other women, focusing only on herself.

The formula shortage affected women across the country in 2022.

The video highlights the desperation faced by mothers as formula shortages continue.

Purchase Limits Imposed

CVS, Target, and Walgreens imposed purchase limits on formula to mitigate shortages.

Some people believe the shoppers who hoard are actually reselling the products.

One user pointed this out in the video’s comments, “I feel that she’s reselling” which received 32k likes.

“Reselling formula should be illegal” another user put.

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