Baby Snatched! Mother Refuses to Return Grandchild After Daughter’s Brief Absence

A young woman stirred outrage on Reddit after she told her mother to give her sister’s daughter back to her. The backstory that follows is full of twists, turns, and plenty of family drama.

She Became Pregnant

OP is an 18-year-old woman who recently graduated from high school. She also has a twin sister who is (obviously) the same age.

OP’s sister has had the boyfriend since they were freshmen in high school. He comes from a well-off family with a ready-made career lined up and waiting for him when he graduates.

The boyfriend and OP’s sister have always been responsible kids, and their future seemed bright to everyone who knew them.

It was quite a shock when OP’s sister became pregnant during their senior year. Both she and her boyfriend swore they were very careful in using protection.

Her Mom Agreed To Look After the Baby for a Short Time

OP tends to believe them, but it doesn’t matter now.

OP’s sister finished her senior year online, and the baby was born right after graduation. The young couple were very caring and responsible parents right from the start.

As expected, OP’s sister’s boyfriend started his new job soon after graduation. The only drawback was that it was in a town four hours away.

So, the new parents packed up their belongings and moved away to start their new life. OP’s mom agreed to watch the baby briefly while her daughter and the boyfriend got settled.

“You Are a Gold Digger and Abandoned Your Baby!”

It took OP’s sister about two weeks to settle into her new place. During that time, the sisters would video call nearly every day, and the new mother was busy getting the baby’s nursery ready.

She missed her baby more and more each day, and OP was happy that her sister would be reunited with her child soon.

The trouble started when OP’s sister called their mom to arrange a time to pick up the baby.

OP’s mom told her sister she was nothing but a gold digger and had abandoned her baby. She was not going to let her have the child.

… And Refused To Give Her Baby Back

Then the baby’s father called OP’s mom and told him the same thing – she wasn’t giving the baby back.

The phone calls went back and forth for more than a week, and tensions escalated with each call. Finally, OP’s sister told her mom she’d get the cops involved if she had to.

But OP’s mom didn’t seem to care and said she had a special bond with her granddaughter.

OP tried to talk some sense into her mom and pointed out that the older lady had agreed to watch her sister’s baby while she moved. But that time was over.

Her Mom Is Way off Base!

Her mom continued to say that she had a special bond with the child, though, and would never give her up. OP begged her to reconsider and told her that her sister would get a lawyer if she had to.

Finally, OP’s mom told her to butt out because it wasn’t her business.

OP agrees with that since the baby is not hers. The fight is really between her mom and her sister.

But OP still feels like her mom is way off base, and she thinks there is big trouble ahead if her mom doesn’t back down.

… And Is Heading For Trouble!

Redditors think it definitely is OP’s business, since it involves her mom, sister, and niece, and she still lives at home.

Most commenters agree with OP that her mom is heading for big trouble if she doesn’t let her daughter come and take her baby without a struggle.

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