Baby Taken for a Week after Babysitter’s Mistake: Whereabouts Tracked Through Mailed Postcards

A woman on TikTok revealed that she once accidentally took a baby on vacation with her due to a hilarious misunderstanding with the baby’s parents, but their reaction is nothing like you would expect!

A Big Babysitting Mistake

In a heart-pounding TikTok video, user @seenasyouasked (we’ll call her Lorna) spills the beans on her “biggest mistake” that took her on an unexpected adventure.

Lorna recounts her tale from 1991 when she used to babysit a two-year-old boy from the family next door. 

The mother asks her to babysit overnight, but she responds, revealing her vacation plans: “I’m actually going on holiday on Tuesday for a week.”

Despite the misunderstanding, she ends up taking the boy with her on a week-long holiday to London. 

Baby in London

They explore London together, visiting the zoo and strolling around Hyde Park, having an unforgettable time.

During their time in London, they had a blast together, and the boy enjoyed every moment. 

He slept well at night, and everything went smoothly.

With no mobile phones back then, she sends the boy’s mother a postcard to let her know about their unexpected adventure.

She Wasn’t Meant to Take Him

When she returns the boy to his mother, she learns the truth. 

The mother didn’t expect the whole week-long holiday.

She reveals, “When I said ‘that’s fine,’ I meant I’ll come back Tuesday morning and go get him. I didn’t actually mean for you to take him on holiday the whole week.”

Despite the mix-up, the mother is surprisingly thankful for the unplanned holiday. 

She admits, “No, I had a great time, I had a lovely break for the week!”

Relaxed Retro Parenting

People on TikTok are captivated by the story, amazed at how it all unfolded. 

Some were shocked by the relaxed parenting that occurred before phones and the internet, “True definition of a 90s parent like “ah she took him on vacation, all rightey then.”

One user said what we were all thinking, “ was waiting for the part you would have to explain it to the police,” they said humorously.

What was your reaction to the stunning tale? Let us know in the comments.

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