Babysitter’s Betrayal? She Dumped Her Niece With a Neighbor After Her Sister Refused To Find Another Sitter – Read on as Family Outrage Ensues!

A young woman recently caused a buzz among Redditors after she dumped her niece with a stranger when she was supposed to be babysitting. If you think that sounds awful, wait until you hear the backstory!

Her Sister Asked Her if She Could Babysit

OP is a 24-year-old woman who sometimes babysits for her 1-year-old niece. She generally enjoys the time with her niece and doesn’t charge for her time…

Recently, OP’s sister approached her three weeks before asking if she could watch the little girl on a particular night. OP said OK, but that she might have to pull out if something came up before then.

As it turned out, something did come up. Five days before she was supposed to babysit, one of OP’s college friends called her.

A group of buddies whom OP hadn’t seen for several years were going to be in town the same night she had agreed to babysit. They wanted her to go out on the town with them.

But She Didn’t Want To Miss Her College Friends

There was no way OP would miss a chance to reconnect with her friends, so she texted her sister right away and told her she couldn’t babysit. That gave her sister five days to find another sitter.

OP notes that her sister never responded to the text, but she could see that the older woman had read the message.

Then, on the evening she was meeting her friends, OP’s sister showed up at her house while she was getting ready. Sis said she was there to drop her daughter off, as planned.

But OP told her sister she couldn’t babysit for her and asked if she’d seen her message. Her sister waved her off and said that her daughter was much more important than OP’s silly college friends.

And Her Sister Ignored Her Messages

With that, OP’s sister left the house, got in her car, and drove away with her husband.

OP tried to call her sister several times, but the other woman had her phone off, and none of the calls went through.

Desperate because she felt stuck with the niece and didn’t want to miss the night with her friends, OP called a neighbor who babysat. Luckily, the woman was free and agreed to watch the little girl.

Then OP texted her sister and told her where the baby was and that she could pick the girl up at the babysitter’s house. She also reminded her sis that she was going out with her friends, as planned.

And Was Furious She’d Left Her Daughter With a Neighbor

OP heard nothing for a few hours, but her sister started blowing up her phone. By then, OP was out with her friends and didn’t want to get into a big fight, so she turned the phone off.

Later that night, OP’s sister and brother-in-law picked up their daughter from the babysitter’s house. The little girl was fine and even seemed happy, but her parents were furious.

The couple started texting and calling OP again, yelling at her for leaving their daughter with a complete stranger. OP pointed out that she knew the babysitter and that everything had turned out alright.

OP also reminded her sister that she had given her plenty of time to find a sitter independently. But her sis had ignored that text because it wasn’t convenient for her.

The Situation Was Her Sister’s Fault, Not Hers

Now, other members of OP’s family are texting and calling her, most of them siding with her sister and brother-in-law. They think she acted irresponsibly and put her niece in danger.

But OP thinks she was justified for leaving her niece with someone she knew and trusted. And besides, she says the situation was her sister’s fault, not hers.

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