Badly Timed Bedroom Bombshells Are Ruining Their Sex Life – Her Windy Habits Go Viral!

This husband opens up about a dirty dilemma in his relationship, it seems his wife can’t stop passing wind in the bedroom! Now, he’s asking Reddit for advice on what to do next.

Let It Out!

John has no problem with his wife, Alison, passing wind at home. After all, it’s the one place where she should feel comfortable enough to let it out, right?

A strange habit has started to emerge during intimate moments. When the pair are about to engage physically, she playfully exclaims, “Uh oh!” as a signal that a fart is coming.

It has become almost routine, and he has to back off while she releases it.

John admits to feeling a mixture of turn-off and frustration, and he can’t help but feel that Alison’s actions lack consideration and disrupt the mood.

He Feels Sad

He wonders if she’s no longer concerned with being sexy or even maintaining basic courtesy. These thoughts leave him feeling a bit saddened.

John hasn’t addressed this issue with Alison in a serious manner. He has made passing comments like “Do you have to do that right now?” which have led to defensive reactions from his wife.

He can see them arguing when the topic gets brought up. John understands that it may be an overreaction.

After all, Alison does provide a warning (at least for now) before releasing the gas, but he can’t help but wonder how he would react if she didn’t warn him.

“That Would Kill My Sex Life Stone Dead. Yukkkk.”

Now, John has turned to Reddit to seek advice on how to bring up the conversation.

Some commenters were less helpful, like this one who said, “That would kill my sex life stone dead. Yukkkk.”

But, in true Reddit style, most people are here to help, with this user arguing, “Just like a child or pet; do not reward bad behavior. Walk away. Just because she doesn’t think it’s a big deal doesn’t mean that it’s not a big deal.”

Do you have any advice for John and Alison? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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