Balance Athletica Net Worth, Founder, Growth

A company named Balance Athletica was founded when Taylor Chamberlain Dilk, Chloe Chamberlain, and Taylor’s husband Stephen Dilk, recognized an important void in the apparel industry: their inability to be all-inclusive. As a result, they created sports bras, leggings, and other clothing designed to flatter every body type, in sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL. 

Company Full NameBalance Athletica
Founded inJuly 2018
Founded byTaylor Chamberlain Dilk
Chloe Chamberlain
Stephen Dilk
IndustryApparel Industry
No. of Employees18
Company Official
Twitter Account@b_athletica
Instagram Account@balanceathletica
Balance Athletica net worth $36 Million (Last Updated 2022)

Balance Athletica net worth

Balance Athletica was first launched in July 2018. Since then, the company’s sales have grown to $36 million.

Balance Athletica Founder

Balance Athletica is founded by Taylor Dilk, who also manages the whole company. It was Taylor’s dream to run a business with her sister Chloe Chamberlain, (the designer) and her husband Steve Dilk, (the owner). 

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Steve, Taylor, and Chloe found a huge void in the fitness industry. There were no companies that offered apparel for ALL body shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. To help individuals develop their own sense of balance, they sought to give them a feeling of belonging, empowerment, and confidence.

The launch of Balance Athletica

Starting from scratch in a garage, the whole endeavor was self-financed. Balance Athletica became a multimillion-dollar corporation within one year of its launch. Chloe, Taylor, and Steve do everything they can to treat their employees well and give back to the community each time a launch is made. The most recent launch of Balance Athletica resulted in a donation to Feeding America of $30,000, which is equivalent to 300,000 meals for people in need at this time of COVID-19.

The company’s growth

Balance has progressed since its launch in July 2018 in the following ways:

  • The company has hired 18 full-time employees
  • A total of nine collections were launched (every item was sold instantly) 
  • Every new collection led to an increase in inventory
  • Moved from a parking lot to an 800 square foot warehouse, then to a 10,000 square foot warehouse
  • Many athletes were brought in (sponsors, leaders, and elite leaders), 
  • The company set up a Las Vegas pop-up shop, in September 2019 
  • The brand has partnered with one of the most popular influencer shopping apps – LikeToKnowIt
  • International shipping has been added 
  • They now offer XS to XXXL sizes
  • Over 2000 submissions were received for the athlete/leader search
  • It will soon move into a 30,000 square foot warehouse.


With a variety of innovative products (thong-lined athletic shorts), and a commitment to breaking molds (not just for thin, white, and able-bodied people), Balance Athletica is always pushing the boundaries and encouraging people to live their best lives. Currently, Balance Athletica net worth is $36 million.

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