Tense Moment He Opens Bar Exam Results Lightened by Cake Wielding Girlfriend: “Who Wants to Be an Attorney Anyways?”

One hilarious TikToker surprised her boyfriend after his exam results came through. With one cake for passing and one for failing, the hilarious girlfriend gave him the “wrong” cake after he passed his exam, commiserating him for failing.

Two Cakes

A TikToker, Kristina (@kristinaboyce_), sets up a heartwarming surprise for her boyfriend on his bar exam results day but adds a cheeky twist to the mix.

Kristina decides to get two cakes from Great American Cookies, each with a different message – one for passing and one for failing the attorney exam.

The good news arrives – her boyfriend passed the exam, giving her the perfect chance to execute her surprise/prank combo.

In the viral TikTok video, Kristina eagerly presents the cake to her boyfriend but intentionally chooses the one with the fail message on it.

The Wrong Message

The boyfriend finds the prank hilarious, laughing as he reads the message: “Screw the bar! Who wants to be an attorney anyways?”

Kristina quickly recovers from her prank and brings out the other box with the congratulatory message, leading to even more laughter.

Since sharing her prank, the video has reached an incredible 9.3 million views, 2 million likes, and thousands of entertaining comments.

Viewers love the prank, with one person exclaiming, “The fact that you spent money on two just to be funny is amazing.”

Real Love

Another viewer commented, “Lol the way he loves you but says your so lame, that’s real love!”

Someone else added, “You know it was one of those belly-filled laughs when you hear the uncontrolled snort.”

It’s fair to say the money was well spent, with the couple now able to enjoy the laughter and two cakes, “My good sir, she’s not lame, she’s a genius! Because now you have two cookies.”


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