BedJet Net Worth, What is Bedjet? How does it work?

Mark Aramli worked for NASA before developing the BedJet. When he decided to follow through with this business idea, he spent a year and a half building his product out of his own funds.

Company full nameBedJet
Based onEquipment that can control the mattress temperature with your smartphone
Product on AmazonBedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds
FounderMark Aramli
BedJet net worth$16 million (Last Updated 2022)
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BedJet net worth

BedJet is estimated to be worth $16 million, with customers spending an average of $600 each.

What is BedJet?

A BedJet solves the most irritating problem people face with their beds. During summers, the heat from the body can cause the mattress to get too hot, while the bed is ice cold when you turn over in the winter. With the BedJet, you can control the mattress temperature with your smartphone. It can be warmed up or cooled down.

The product already had interest before it was featured on the show. Aramli raised $75k in pre-orders before the show came on. This is the first product of its kind; a fast and affordable heating and cooling system.

How does it work?

You only need to place the unit under the bed and then attach the nozzle. The temperature of your bed will warm up or cool down within three minutes.

The BedJet makes a mattress more comfortable by pumping air into it. This product is surprisingly efficient on its own, as you don’t have to use air conditioning and heating all the time, which will save you money. 

Couples will find it especially useful since it can create two different zones. A BedJet makes sure both partners receive the right level of comfort since couples tend to have varying preferences.

Shark Tank Appearance

Aramli’s BedJet, a bed-sheet fan system that provides fast cooling, was shot out of the sky by five sharks in 2015. 

In a HubSpot interview, Aramli said, “They hated me and they hated my product. They told me no one would ever want the BedJet.” However, Shark’s words don’t represent gospel truth. Aramli invested his life savings, credit cards, and house into his business. In 2016, sales had increased 300 percent over the previous year and doubled in 2017.