“Well Done, Mr. Farmer” – His Beef with Animal Rights Activists Ended in Vengeful Manure “Assault”

One farmer took matters into his own hands at a beef expo in the UK, spraying the angry protestors with a dirty protest of his own.

Uninvited Guests at the Beef Expo

Tensions reached new heights when a clash between animal rights protestors and farmers occurred at Britain’s largest beef industry event. 

The National Beef Association (NBA) organized the beef expo that attracted over 5,000 visitors, although this year, there were extra, uninvited visitors.

Animal rights activists and angry farmers locked horns at the event, resulting in a dirty ending for one of the sides.

Sprayed With Manure

What started as a peaceful demonstration quickly morphed into a battlefield, with one reporter hospitalized.

In an astonishing twist, it emerged that animal rights activists were doused with manure by the farmers. 

The video showed one farmer who had clearly had enough of the nonsense, driving his tractor behind the crowd of protestors and spraying manure all over them.

“Covered in Excrement”

The viral video of protesters “covered in excrement” was shared by social media users who, of course, managed to see the funny side.

Photos emerged showing masked members of the Animal Justice Project (AJP) on the rooftop of a building, standing defiantly with banners and colorful smoke flares.

The charged atmosphere escalated further when allegations of activists being “assaulted” by farmers emerged. 

Injuries and Chaos

Furious farmers reportedly plowed a JCB digger toward the demonstrators, resulting in injuries and complete chaos. 

The protest of the AJP was characterized as “peaceful” and “silent,” but after emotions were running high, the scenes turned into anything but those things.

The scene attracted the attention of law enforcement, and police were dispatched to bring the situation under control.

“Well Done Mr. Farmer”

When reposted on Twitter, users managed to respond in their own hilarious ways, “That’s my kind of guy,” one insisted.

It was hard to spot any sympathy online for the actual protestors, with most hailing praise at the farmer, “Well done Mr. Farmer,” one put, followed by “fertilising his property!” 

Do you think the farmer took things too far? Get involved in the debate by leaving a comment.

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