Beezer Net Worth, Wiki, History (Updated)

Beezer is an all-in-one solution for developing, selling, and administering your own mobile app. A Beezer-built Progressive Web App may help you attract attention, increase conversion, and engage consumers.

Company name Beezer
Founded in2014
Founded byBrian Smillie
Number of employees1-10
Company based onSoftware Development
HeadquartersEdinburgh, Scotland
Beezer Net Worth$1 million (Last updated 2022)

Beezer Net Worth

Beezer’s net worth is anticipated to be about €5 million, with an annual income of $1 million.

Beezer overview 

Brian Smillie founded the firm in 2014. Brian’s startup, Beezer, created an app platform that could operate independently of the app stores available on our smartphones. Consequently, Beezer became a prominent app developer.

Beezer enables Marketers, Event Planners, Businesspersons, and others to easily develop their personal Progressive Web App just by adding their content, without the need of either programming or tech expertise.

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Companies know that business is rapidly shifting online, and also that “online” is now more accessible. Nevertheless, it may also be tough to rely on. Since the online world seems to be no longer viable on smartphones, and people are spending 90 percent of their time on phones in mobile apps. 

Apps, on the other hand, aren’t great: it’s expensive to develop an app and, once created, it goes to the play store. There, the apps will probably not be installed unless they are incorporated by Google or Facebook.

Beezer believed that there should have been a middle ground. It’s why they established a solution that returns control to small companies. It’s simple to use, inexpensive and allows anybody not just to create, but also share, operate, interact with, and evaluate their personal PWA.

PWAs: what are they? 

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) match the strengths of the web – efficient approach, straightforward delivery without barriers, plus download-free access – with the privacy, offline features, exquisite UX/UI, and engaging mechanisms commonly found in native applications.

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With something like a Beezer-built PWA, you can have your own complete mobile presence online at your grounds.