Best President in the Last 40 Years? The Poll Results Are In – How Do You Think Trump Did?

Is Donald Trump the modern Ronald Reagan? That seems to be how a lot of today’s voters see it, according to a new study. Here’s the full story.

Poll Disappointing for Biden

A recent poll from Pew Research asked Americans who the best President in the last 40 years was. Not surprisingly, there was a clear divide between the parties.

Among Democrats and independents who lean left, Barack Obama was the clear winner. He grabbed 58% of their votes, crushing Bill Clinton’s 19%.

Joe Biden brought up the rear among Democrat presidents, with 7% of the Democrat vote.

Reagan Crosses Party Lines

But Uncle Joe was bested even among Democrats by Ronald Reagan, who captured 8% of the leftists’ votes.

Reagan seemed to be the one thing Republicans and Democrats could agree on. They both like him better than Biden.

But while Obama cruised to victory in his party, Reagan had a tougher go of it among Republican respondents and independents who lean right.

In the end, Reagan nabbed 41% of the right-wing votes to win this particular poll.

The Great Divide

Can you imagine what dividing force managed to divide Republicans yet again?

Yeah, it was Donald Trump, who 37% of Republicans said was the best President in the last 40 years.

That makes Teflon Don the only one-termer to claim a top-two spot in either party. Of course, if Trump gets his way, he’ll be back for a second round in the Oval Office after the 2024 election.

Now, if you look at the numbers as a whole, combining all respondents from both the left and the right, there is a solid winner.

Obama – On Top!

By that standard, Obama comes out on top 32% of the time, easily trouncing Reagan’s 23%.

But even when you throw everyone together, Trump manages a solid third-place finish at 19%. Clinton comes in fourth at 12%.

And, of course, Trump is the only one among those top four who is even eligible to run in 2024, even if he’s a felon by that point.

Meanwhile, Biden is in a dead heat with George W. Bush at 4% of the vote, barely above Daddy Bush at 3%.

A Shoo-In?

So, does that mean that Trump is a shoo-in to win the presidential election if he gets the Republican nomination?

Not unless the same small group of Pew respondents are the ones who get to make the decision in 2024.

But it has to be somewhat alarming for Democrats that Biden polled so low in this unofficial race. After all, he’s usually touted as the one guy who can beat Trump.

So, does Trump easily beat Biden if the two of them square off in a rematch? It’s a fair question to ask, given their history and these poll numbers.

Trump’s Legacy

Maybe even more interesting is the possibility of what another term in office could do for Trump’s legacy.

If he’s already this close to Reagan after one craze-balls run through the White House, could Trump become the all-time Republican favorite if he returns for Part II?

In the end, Dutch and his Teflon hair might not stand a chance against Trump and his Teflon soul.

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