Betrayal in the Name of Honesty! Her Friend Loses Everything After Shocking Plagiarism Accusation

A young woman stirred up Redditors when she revealed that she snitched on her friend and caused her to lose her scholarship. Now, the friendship and a whole lot more is in jeopardy. Here is the full story.

She Was Very Happy for Her Friend

OP is a 19-year-old college sophomore. She has been helping her 18-year-old friend with the college application process, including giving her tips on writing a good essay.

After months of hard work and bouncing ideas back and forth with OP, the other girl got into her top college choice. Not only that, she landed a full scholarship.

Life looked pretty darn rosy for the young lady, and OP was extremely happy for her.

But more recently, OP was talking to a mutual friend about the girl whom OP had been helping. That friend went on and on about how fantastic the girl’s final college essay was.

She Never Saw a Copy of Her Work…

That struck OP as odd because the friend she had been helping never bothered to show her the final copy of her essay.

OP had seen drafts and helped the girl with revisions, but the finished essay went out without OP reading it.

The mutual friend still had a copy of the essay that the soon-to-be college student had sent her, and OP asked if she could read it.

The friend was okay with that, and OP started reading, excited to see the finished product finally.

… She Was Horrified!

But what OP read in her friend’s essay horrified her. It was nothing more than an old draft of one of OP’s essays that she had sent to the girl as an example of how she might approach writing.

OP says she made it very clear then that the young woman should only use the essay as a template and not just copy it. But here it was, almost word for word, with only the tiniest changes.

OP was livid that her friend would not only blatantly plagiarize her work but also hide it from her all through the college decision process.

It wasn’t fair, so OP decided to do something about it.

The School Revoked Her Scholarship

First, OP gathered all of the email trails and interactions she’d had with her friend while helping her with the college process.

Then she found the original draft of her essay and sent everything to the school where the other girl had been admitted.

The college took swift and severe action against OP’s friend. Not only did they revoke her scholarship, but they also rescinded her offer of admission.

Of course, OP’s friend was shocked and devastated at the turn of events, and it didn’t take her long to realize what had happened.

It Was Plagiarism!

When the school told her they knew she plagiarized her essay, she let everyone know it was OP’s fault.

So now, OP is being hounded by mutual friends and the girl’s family, accusing her of ruining her friend’s future.

The girl would have been the first in her family to go to college, and earning a full scholarship on top of it all made her their pride and joy.

OP had been very proud of her friend because she knew how hard she worked in school and on her college application. OP doesn’t understand how she could jeopardize it by taking the “easy” route.

She Feels Guilty for Causing Trouble

OP didn’t think the consequences of turning in her friend would be as severe, and now she feels guilty for causing so much trouble.

She knew she was in the right, but she never wanted to kill her friend’s dreams.

Reddit commenters have little sympathy for OP’s friend and think OP did the right thing by turning her in.

Don’t Take the Easy Route

They remind OP that it was her friend who killed her future by plagiarizing, not OP for turning her in.

They think the girl would have done the same thing in college and gotten the boot then.

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