Betrayed by Love – The Heartbreaking Tale of Lost Friendship and Broken Hearts

Jenny was shocked when she met her best friend, Valerie, before quickly developing feelings. Valerie didn’t feel the same and ended up in a polyamorous relationship with another woman before she changed her mind and began being intimate with Jenny, breaking up the two lovers and sending one into a pit of despair.

She Formed a Deep Bond With Her Best Friend

A few years ago, Jenny formed a deep bond with her best friend, whom she affectionately calls Valerie.

Jenny couldn’t help but develop strong feelings for Valerie, but sadly, they were not reciprocated.

Jenny prioritized their friendship, cherishing Valerie’s presence in her life.

Valerie eventually entered a relationship with another person. Jenny embraced her role as a supportive friend, even though her feelings stayed strong.

She Identified as Polyamorous

Jenny decided to reveal her past feelings to Valerie. To her surprise, Valerie took the news well, unaware that Jenny’s feelings still lingered.

Determined not to complicate matters, Jenny put her emotions on hold.

Months later, Valerie dropped a bombshell on Jenny—she revealed that she identified as polyamorous, meaning she did not follow traditional, one-person relationships.

Jenny hoped for a chance at a romantic relationship. However, she also recognized that she did not share the same polyamorous identity.

Romantic Feelings

The idea of dating Valerie while still committed to her girlfriend left Jenny uncertain about her response.

As their friendship deepened, Jenny began to sense romantic feelings reciprocated by Valerie.

This realization left them both in a state of confusion, unsure of how to proceed.

While Jenny felt discomfort with Valerie’s committed relationship, Valerie reassured her that she had told her girlfriend about their situation and both parties were comfortable with it.

Her Ex Presented an Ultimatum

Valerie’s girlfriend began to show distress as Jenny and Valerie grew closer.

Valerie noticed her girlfriend’s mental health declining.

Faced with an impossible choice, Valerie ended her relationship with her girlfriend to protect her from further harm.

Their love was short-lived, as Valerie’s girlfriend returned a week later, presenting an ultimatum: choose her or Jenny.

Should She Apologize?

Driven by her emotions, Valerie ultimately chose Jenny, leading to anger and hurt from her former partner.

Now, Jenny feels guilty for breaking up her best friend’s relationship and has taken to Reddit to ask whether she should apologise.

“You Were Never a True Friend, You Were Just Lurking”

Reddit users certainly didn’t hold back in the comments, “You and V really deserve each other. You are both selfish and inconsiderate of others’ feelings. You were never a true friend, you were just lurking waiting for the right time to finally get her.” Argued one user.

A second user believes Valerie is the one to blame, “The girlfriend shouldn’t have gone along with something she wasn’t comfortable with. And I’m willing to bet that V knew all along that she wasn’t comfortable with it, but V did it anyway.”

Let us know in the comments who you think should take the fault for this distressing situation.

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