Betrayed by Those Closest to Her: Identity Stolen and Facing Financial Ruin, Would She Turn Them In?

A shocked woman stunned Redditors when she revealed that she might have to send her parents to jail. It just may come down to her or them. Here is the whole story.

Strained Relationship With Her Folks 

OP is a 29-year-old woman who has always had a strained relationship with her parents.

For as long as she can remember, OP’s parents have had money troubles, and it always ends up becoming her problem.

When OP was a kid, her family was evicted multiple times, and there was always the threat of having the internet or electricity turned off.

Her parents just couldn’t seem to pay their bills, and it never made any sense to OP. Both of her folks had good jobs.

They Put Bills in Her Name

In fact, OP says that each of her parents still makes three times as much as she does, even though she’s college-educated.

And OP herself paid for that education, working multiple jobs to cover the expenses.

Even when they knew she was paying for school, OP’s parents guilted her into giving them money when times were tough, which was pretty much all the time.

When OP became an adult, her parents even went so far as to put several bills under her name without even asking her.

Living Close to the Bone

That caused all kinds of fights, and OP demanded that her parents stop. They said they would, but they lied.

Eventually, OP just let it slide because she wanted to stop fighting and get on with her life.

Recently, though, OP’s parents left her virtually no choice but to fight back. Her money and her job were on the line.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, OP’s income got hit pretty hard. So, instead of saving like she normally did, she started living pretty close to the bone.

Expecting a Tax Return 

After she filed her taxes, OP was looking forward to getting her refund to help offset some of that lost money. Instead, she got a nastygram from the local government.

It seems they had confiscated OP’s tax return. A company had filed a claim against her because she had not paid her bill with them in a year or more.

The problem was OP had no idea who the company was or why they thought she had an account with them.

Racking up Bills in Her Name

That’s when OP called her mom, who at first claimed not to know anything about the bill. She assured OP she’d take care of it, though.

That didn’t sound right to OP, so she kept pushing. Eventually, she found out that her parents had been up to their old tricks.

They opened an account under OP’s name, didn’t pay their bills, and then ignored all the notices about overdue payments.

Left in Debt 

And then OP’s tax return was gone like so many of her childhood dreams.

Even worse, OP found out that her tax return was not enough to cover the outstanding bills. So, the government would be garnishing her wages until her debt was paid.

But of course, it wasn’t really OP’s debt, and that’s where her real dilemma set in.

When OP told her mother she had no right to use her identity to get access to a service, her mom said it was her duty as a daughter.

Told to Go to the Cops

From there, the two women said some harsh things to each other, and now OP’s mom, dad, and sister have all but disowned her.

So, faced with a mountain of debt that she didn’t make and a nasty family feud, OP is having trouble moving forward.

OP’s boyfriend and friends think she should go to the cops and get the court system involved.

OP knows they’re probably right because her parents will likely never stop abusing her.

Facing Bankruptcy

But OP also knows that if she turns her parents in, there’s a decent chance they’ll go to jail. And it’s hard for her to think about that fate for her aging folks.

Redditors don’t mince their words when it comes to what they think OP should do, though.

They overwhelmingly agree with her boyfriend and think that OP’s only option is to turn her parents in.

Otherwise, she herself might go bankrupt, and her credit could be tarnished forever.

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