Don’t “Waste Time and Energy on Ruining Her Life” – But Can Betrayed Husband Move On without Revenge?

Shane’s life was turned upside down after discovering his wife’s infidelity. After his in-laws contacted him, he was left in quite a predicament. Let’s take a look.

Shane’s Painful Discovery

Earlier this summer, Shane caught his wife, Melissa, cheating on him after being together for nine years. Shane had harbored suspicions, and when he confronted Melissa, she strongly denied any wrongdoing. 

However, Shane soon found undeniable evidence of her affair, and she admitted to it.

Melissa had connected with the other man through social media, which Shane did not use (except for Reddit.) Shane noticed that he was absent from her social media, and she didn’t wear her wedding ring in her pictures. 

Confronting the Truth

It turned out that Melissa had met this man in person since he lived locally. She had told Shane she was spending time with her female friends, but she was actually meeting the other man!

Shane asked Melissa if this guy knew she was married, and she confessed that she hadn’t told him. She also avoided giving a clear answer when Shane asked if she was still in contact with him.

 Feeling disrespected and betrayed, Shane told Melissa he wanted to work on their marriage because he still meant his wedding vows.

Melissa’s Unexpected Request

However, Melissa didn’t agree, instead proposing they “separate for a few months with freedom, privacy and no boundaries.” 

Shane flat-out refused this, and they separated, pending divorce. Melissa went to live with her parents, while Shane moved into his own apartment as they waited for their house to sell.

Melissa’s parents and sister reached out to Shane, expressing concern and wanting to check in on him. 

Should He Reveal the Truth?

They had a good relationship with him, but he felt that Melissa had not told her family the truth about the situation. Her mother even suggested having dinner with him, leaving Shane in a moral dilemma.

Shane struggled with what to do next. Should he meet with Melissa’s family and reveal the painful truth, or should he cut ties and move forward with his life? 

Part of him felt like that, regardless of Melissa’s actions, her family would support her, and he’d just come off looking like a jerk. He needed advice, so he took to Reddit to see what they thought.

Sharing the Dirty Truth

Many Redditors chimed in with their opinions, overwhelmingly supporting Shane’s decision to share the truth with Melissa’s family.

 They felt that her family might be holding onto hope for reconciliation, unaware of the extent of her betrayal.

Some users expressed shock and disbelief at Melissa requesting a separation with “freedom, privacy, and no boundaries,” with one Redditor saying, “The audacity to even ask this after getting confronted due to cheating. You were married to her for 9 years lol. Who does that.”

Setting The Record Straight

The consensus among Redditors was, “Tell them every single thing as long as it’s the truth.” Redditors thought that Shane should tell them the truth and leave her family to make their own judgments, with one user commenting, “How they react to it is their business. I think that one shouldn’t waste their time and energy trying to ruin someone else’s life any more than they should do the same trying to fix someone, but this isn’t that. This would just be you setting the record straight.”

Scorched Earth or Strategic Silence?

There were differing views on how Shane should approach this delicate situation. 

One user told Shane to “Wait until after the divorce is final to tell them. Anything you say to anyone about your relationship can and will be brought up when she inevitably lawyers up and comes after finances.” 

Meanwhile, others encouraged a scorched earth policy, “Not only should you tell her family and yours, but you should tell everyone she knows. She deserves everything bad that comes her way.”

An Update!

Shane took the Redditor’s advice to heart, expressing his gratitude. 

He posted a little update in which he revealed his decision to wait until the divorce proceedings were complete before coming forward to Melissa’s family and the other man. 

He ended on an upbeat note, “I’m choosing to move forward with my life for the time being and not give her the satisfaction of seeing me hurt and angry.”

What do you think about Shane’s decision? Is he doing the right thing?

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