Betrayed Mom Faces Family Backlash for Not Driving Daughter to Cheating Ex’s Big Day

A stressed-out mom took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after she refused to drive her teenage daughter to her ex-husband’s wedding. This is the full story.

He Cheated and Destroyed Their 20-Year Marriage

OP is a 42-year-old single mother who lives with her 14-year-old daughter.

OP and her 45-year-old husband divorced five years ago after 20 years together. He was the love of her life, but he cheated on her and destroyed everything they had built.

Their daughter was nine years old when OP and her husband split, and they didn’t tell her why they divorced. She still doesn’t know, and OP isn’t ready to tell her. The ex doesn’t want to tell her at all.

But not only did OP’s ex cheat on her, he ended up in a long-term relationship with his affair partner. They got engaged a year before OP told her story on Reddit, with the wedding just two weeks out.

He Wanted His Daughter To Attend His Wedding

After he got engaged, OP’s ex called her to ask if their daughter could attend the wedding. The girl is close to her dad and likes his fiance, though she doesn’t know the full story of their relationship.

OP is fine with her daughter attending her father’s wedding, but OP doesn’t want any part of it. So she told her ex that their daughter could come if he picked her up and dropped her off at home after the ceremony.

OP’s ex-husband agreed to those terms, and their daughter was thrilled to find out she could go to the wedding.

Then, two weeks out from the wedding, the ex called up OP again to ask for a “huge” favor. His in-laws were flying in on the morning of the wedding, so he had to pick them up from the airport.

But She Didn’t Want To Drive Her There

OP told her ex that she would not drive her daughter to his wedding. She didn’t think she could handle seeing all the festivities and happy people that would remind her of her loss. Though, of course she didn’t tell her ex all that.

But OP did offer other suggestions, like having him pick up their daughter the night before or having his fiance pick her up. He had excuses why those ideas wouldn’t work, so OP just laughed and told him he’d have to figure it out alone.

OP thought the conversation was over, but her daughter came bounding down the stairs in tears 10 minutes later. Her dad had called and told her about the situation.

Now OP’s daughter thinks she’s trying to keep the girl away from her father. And she wants to know why her mother can’t just take her to the wedding.

She’d Be Too Upset

Of course, OP didn’t have a good answer for that other than trying to preserve her feelings.

Now, not only is OP’s daughter upset, but her ex’s family is texting her, telling her how selfish she is. OP’s family understands her point of view and supports her decision.

But OP feels guilty for making her daughter so unhappy and wonders if she should suck it up and drive the girl to her ex’s wedding.

Most Redditors think OP is justified for setting her boundaries and sticking to them even when everyone pressures her.

Was It Fair for Him To Ask Her?

Many don’t think it’s fair for the ex even to ask OP to drive her daughter to the wedding, especially considering how their marriage ended.

Some advise OP to just level with her daughter and tell her that her dad cheated.

So, what do you think of this story? Is OP right for refusing to drive her daughter to her ex-husband’s wedding?

Or should she set her own feelings aside so her daughter can celebrate with her dad?

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