Biden ‘Backflips’ on The Wall – Will He Address the Immigration Crisis Stemmed from His Soft-Border Policy?

In a significant policy shift, President Joe Biden has decided to allow the construction of a border wall, a policy strongly associated with his predecessor, Donald Trump, despite initially vowing not to do so. This move aims to address the rising immigration crisis affecting multiple states and straining public resources.

The Impact on Communities

Cities across America are grappling with the large influx of migrants, stretching local resources to a breaking point. 

New York City, for example, has taken in nearly 123,000 asylum seekers since last spring. This effort has been financially draining, costing an estimated $12 billion over the next three years.

 Without federal help, Mayor Eric Adams warns that the city could face dire consequences. Other cities like Denver, Chicago, and Washington are facing similar challenges.

The policy change inevitably invites comparisons to Donald Trump, who championed the border wall as a centerpiece of his immigration policy. 

While Biden had been a vocal critic of this approach, stating previously that “not another foot of wall” would be built under his administration, his recent reversal shows the complexity and pressure of the immigration issue.

The Political Landscape

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, a strong supporter of Biden, criticized the administration for not offering enough support as Texas officials bussed over 15,000 migrants to Illinois last year.

 Pritzker’s sentiment captures the overall frustration with the federal government’s handling of this crisis.

The decision to build the wall is not just a pivot for Biden but also a contentious issue for the Democratic Party, which has consistently criticized the wall as an ineffective solution.

 Biden explained that he still believes the wall won’t solve the problem. 

However, he felt compelled to use the funds that had been set aside for wall construction in 2019, stating he was unable to redirect the money for other purposes.

The Public Opinion

Biden’s approval ratings reflect the public’s dissatisfaction with his handling of immigration.

 According to a recent Gallup poll, while his overall approval sits at 42%, his rating on immigration is much lower, at 31%. 

The challenge he faces is not just political but deeply connected to how Americans feel about their safety and the use of their tax dollars.

The immigration issue isn’t solely a U.S. problem but rather part of a larger global trend. Countries in South and Central America, like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are experiencing economic and political instability, driving their citizens to seek asylum in the U.S. 

The current system in the U.S., however, is inefficient at handling these asylum requests, leaving many in a state of uncertainty for years.

The Future Implications

The policy reversal on the border wall indicates the Biden administration’s willingness to take more stringent measures in managing the immigration crisis. 

This has resulted in new rules where asylum seekers must first apply and be denied legal protection in another country before seeking asylum in the U.S. 

In addition, those who are sent back could face a minimum of a five-year ban from re-entering the country and possible criminal prosecution for repeated attempts.

The decision to restart construction on the border wall marks a significant turning point in the Biden administration’s approach to immigration.

 While the move has sparked criticism from within his own party, it underscores the immense challenge the nation faces in managing an ongoing crisis. 

As this issue directly affects the well-being of American communities and the allocation of taxpayer money, it will continue to be a critical point of focus leading up to the next election.

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