‘Biden Is Guilty’ – The Majority of Americans Have Made up Their Minds, Not Waiting On Proof

A growing number of people are starting to believe Biden is guilty of the allegations against him; even legal scholar Jonathan Turley publicly said that he believed there were definitely grounds to conduct an impeachment inquiry.

Public Sentiment

A recent CNN poll reflects the prevailing sentiment among Americans regarding Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The results paint a mixed picture, with a majority believing in some level of involvement.

In addition to public sentiment, there are legal implications to consider, particularly concerning how Biden handled the investigation into Hunter’s alleged crimes.

A significant portion of the public views his actions as inappropriate.

Commencement of the Impeachment Inquiry

September 28, 2023, marked a significant milestone as the House launched an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden.

Legal scholars and concerned citizens are eager to uncover the details behind this inquiry. One of the allegations that have fueled the inquiry revolves around Hunter Biden’s involvement in an influence-peddling operation.

This operation allegedly used Joe Biden’s name, generating substantial funds while raising concerns about corruption.

The inquiry has raised questions about whether Biden’s clients sought to shape U.S. foreign policy, specifically related to the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s investigation into corruption.

President Plays Dumb

Despite mounting evidence, President Biden repeatedly denied any knowledge of his family’s dealings, even those involving Hunter’s foreign business activities. Fact-checkers have debunked several of his claims.

Contrary to his denials, evidence suggests that President Biden was well aware of allegations against Hunter and James Biden, including their involvement in influence peddling. An audiotape further highlights his awareness.

The inquiry has also revealed President Biden’s direct involvement in meetings with foreign clients, including face-to-face interactions during dinners and meetings.

Such engagements raise concerns about potential conflicts of interest.


Claims of corruption have added weight to the inquiry. Even a credible FBI source recounted a Ukrainian businessman’s claim of paying a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries.

The Biden family’s involvement extends beyond Joe Biden, with reports suggesting at least nine family members, including grandchildren, received money from foreign transfers.

This highlights the breadth of their financial dealings.

The list of allegations against the Bidens merely scratches the surface of what may be uncovered. The potential for further evidence is substantial, leaving room for more revelations.

An Unfolding Inquiry

With the myriad of accusations and claims made, finding evidence to substantiate the allegations may not be a daunting task.

The existing evidence has already swayed some Americans to believe in President Biden’s guilt.

As the inquiry unfolds and more evidence emerges, the nation watches closely, eager to understand the full extent of the allegations and their implications for President Biden.

Ultimately, the impeachment inquiry promises to get to the bottom of these allegations and determine whether they hold merit, leaving the nation with a clearer understanding of President Biden’s actions and their consequences.

The Other Disturbing Allegations

Some of the Biden clients sought changes in U.S. foreign policy, particularly concerning Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s investigation into corruption.

This raised questions about the influence they wielded over important matters. Also, President Biden repeatedly denied knowledge of his family’s dealings despite evidence to the contrary.

His claims, such as denying any awareness of Hunter’s foreign dealings, have been debunked and labeled as false by fact-checkers.

Contrary to his claims, President Biden had been aware for years of accusations against Hunter Biden and James Biden related to influence peddling.

Audiotape Evidence

The existence of an audiotape where the President acknowledges a New York Times investigation as a threat to Hunter further highlights his awareness.

President Biden was not just aware but directly involved in meetings with foreign clients, often participating through speakerphone.

He also had face-to-face interactions with these clients and foreign figures during dinners and meetings, raising concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

If that’s not reason enough to have launched an impeachment inquiry, then what is?

Bribes Paid

Even a credible FBI source recounted a direct claim by a Ukrainian businessman that he paid a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries, adding weight to concerns of corrupt dealings.

Hunter Biden reportedly claimed that he had to share half of his earnings with his father.

Furthermore, emails suggested that intertwined accounts were used to pay bills for both Bidens, including allegations of using a credit account for payments, possibly even to prostitutes.

It’s not just Joe Biden who has been allegedly collecting here, either.

Widespread Family Involvement

Reports suggest that at least nine Biden family members, including grandchildren, received money from these foreign transfers, highlighting the extent of their involvement in these financial dealings.

This is not even an extensive list. This list just scratches the surface of all they have collected. Not to mention what there could be found if given the opportunity. 

So it sounds like they have got some work to do finding the evidence to back up their claims, but with the amount of different accusations they are making, coming up with some evidence shouldn’t be too difficult.

What they currently have has apparently led some Americans to believe in his guilt. 

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