Is Biden’s “America First” a Joke? – The Average Joe Takes a Backseat – Poverty Rates Soar, Wages Dip, and Inflation Skyrockets!

President Joe Biden has achieved an unfortunate milestone by pushing the poverty rate in America to 12.4%, a significant increase from 7.8%. Coupled with rising inflation and a dip in median household income, these developments are having a profound effect on the American population. As the cost of living escalates, American citizens are asking tough questions about the Biden administration’s economic policies and the long-term impact on their financial stability.

Rising Poverty

For the first time in 13 years, the U.S. has seen an increase in its poverty rate. 

This startling statistic highlights the widening gap between the rich and the poor, raising questions about the effectiveness of the current administration’s economic policies. 

The official numbers reveal a decline in median household income to $74,580 in 2022, a drop of 2.3%. This decline adds an extra layer of hardship for the average American household.

Inflation: The Unsustainable Surge

A troubling part of the economic landscape is the rise in inflation, which has soared by 7.8% year-over-year. Even though the Biden administration insists that their financial strategies and spending initiatives are boosting the American economy, the reality paints a different picture. 

Since Biden took office, the cost of goods and services has surged by over 17%, creating financial strain for households and businesses alike. 

As noted by Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of Job Creators Network, the rapidly escalating inflation is almost double the Federal Reserve’s target rate and is affecting real wages and the standard of living. This has compounded the financial difficulties facing ordinary Americans, stretching budgets thin and limiting spending power.

Central Planning in Disguise?

David Winston, a GOP adviser, criticized the Biden administration for using the phrase “America First” to give the impression that their policies prioritize American citizens. At the same time, he believes it’s actually a cover for centralized decision-making that may not benefit the average American.

 The administration’s efforts to promote their economic strategies using attention-grabbing phrases like BABA (Build America, Buy America) have not been successful in persuading Americans that these policies are helping the economy.

American Lives Under Strain

It is crucial to emphasize that these economic issues are not abstract numbers; they have real-world consequences for Americans.

 People are grappling with the increased cost of living, impacting everything from grocery bills to college savings.

 Given the shaky economic ground, many Americans are finding themselves in a tougher financial situation than they were four years ago.

What Does This Mean for Americans?

As prices continue to climb, the economic strain is felt across the board, forcing American households to either trim their expenses or seek alternative means to earn money. 

For the poorest in the country, this uptick in the cost of living could push many deeper into poverty, making them more reliant on social welfare programs that are already stretched thin. 

This increase in the poverty rate creates a domino effect; as more families turn to social safety nets, these resources become increasingly scarce, affecting the quality and availability of aid.

Middle Class Squeeze

The impact isn’t just confined to low-income families; the middle class is also feeling the pinch. 

The costs of essentials like housing, healthcare, and education are rising faster than incomes, causing many middle-income families to dip into their savings or go into debt just to keep up. 

The result is a shrinking middle class, with more families either slipping into lower income brackets or struggling to maintain a lifestyle that is steadily becoming more expensive. 

A Look Ahead

Given these recent developments, it’s crucial for Americans to be informed and proactive. 

Policy changes or reversals are still possible, and public sentiment can play a significant role in guiding such changes. 

The rising poverty rates, declining median incomes, and skyrocketing inflation represent a defining moment for the Biden administration. With midterm elections around the corner, Americans have the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction at the polls. 

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