“In Real Trouble”- Biden Shouts Nonsensically at Startled Crowd – Should the U.S “Know the Facts” About Dementia?

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland, where he discussed his economic agenda, made promises to the American people, and made some people nervous as he randomly yelled throughout the speech. 

A Supposedly Strong Economy

Despite massive inflation, President Biden began his speech by emphasizing his ongoing commitment to strengthening the American economy, asserting, “America has the strongest economy in the world of all major economies! But all they do is attack it!” 

Biden also made a point to compare his economic plans to his opposition, stating, “The country should know the facts. They should know the choice between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics.”

During his address, the President said, “No one making under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up a single penny,” as he defended his tax policies.

Biden also promised to tackle issues like rising gas prices and assured, “I’m gonna get those gas prices down again, I promise ya!”

Strange Yelling

However, the speech also included moments that raised eyebrows. At one point, Biden randomly yelled about the cost of drug prices, saying, “You’re gonna pay somewhere between 20-40% less than those other countries – SAME EXACT DRUG! MADE BY THE SAME EXACT COMPANY!”

At one point in his speech, Biden began talking to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore and said, “Gov, my problem is your biceps are a little small.”

Despite mixed reactions to his initial outburst, Biden later startled the crowd with another loud outburst when he said, “Name me one objective America has set that they haven’t been able to accomplish if we work together. NAME ONE!”


Amidst his speech, President Biden expressed his eagerness to engage with reporters but revealed, “I wish I had the chance to take all your questions, but I’m going to get in real trouble if I do that.”

Who he would get in trouble with was not revealed. Following the speech, an NBC News live feed captured the President mingling with the crowd, with loud music in the background.

Despite the noise, reporters attempted to question him about Hunter Biden’s indictment, but President Biden did not respond.

In response to the speech, it seems most people feel that signs of Biden’s cognitive decline continue to show and potentially spell disaster for the country he leads.

Clear Signs of Dementia

One social media user talked about her own experience with cognitive decline, commenting, “That’s his dementia.. my dad had it, that’s how they get. He has all the signs.”

A second social media user even put a timeline on Biden’s ability to govern, saying, “This guy is not going to make it 6 more months, he is toast, they must be freaking out behind the scenes. BIDEN IS GONE.”

A third user simply put, “I’d say he’s lost it but, he never had it.”

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