Biden Vs. Trump – Age, Stumbles, and Controversies Ignite Countrywide Debate on Presidential Fitness

As the oldest serving president in U.S. history, Joe Biden’s age and moments of verbal and physical stumbling have raised eyebrows among many Americans. Recent polls reflect concerns over his capability, and while he’s the 2024 Democratic frontrunner, his low approval ratings pose challenges for re-election.

“Corrupt”, “Crooked”, and “Bad”

The respondents described Biden as “old” and “confused,” while Trump as “corrupt” and “dishonest.”

When asked to describe the leading contenders from America’s two major political parties, these were the main adjectives that came to the minds of those taking part in the poll.

According to the poll, Trump elicits words such as “corrupt” and “crooked” (named by 15 percent), along with “bad” and other generally negative comments.

Words like “liar” and “dishonest” were also named by 8 percent of those polled. Eight percent offered positive comments like “good.”

The US President Tripped and Fell on Stage to His Hands and Knees – It’s Concerning

Biden’s “senior moments” have become more pronounced in recent months, and voters are noting.

In June, the US President tripped and fell on stage to his hands and knees while giving out diplomas in the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado after he shook hands with cadets from the class of 2023.

Secret Service and Air Force officials rushed to the president to help him out. In July, Biden stumbled briefly while boarding Air Force One in Helsinki.

The U.S. president’s missteps are widely recorded, although many attribute Biden’s verbal errors to his speech impediment. Recent verbal and physical missteps have made many question Biden’s cognitive health.

“God Save the Queen, Man”

From saying that Russian President Valdimir Putin is “clearly losing the war in Iraq,” to closing out a speech on gun control with the words “God save the Queen, man,” Biden’s choice of words have drawn increased scrutiny in recent months.

Most recently, when asked if he was prepared to declare a national emergency regarding climate change, Biden said he’d already declared the emergency before clarifying he’d done it “in practice,” regarded as the president’s most recent gaffe.

This year, Biden will turn 81, making him the oldest US president to date, and he remains the leading Democratic prospect for the 2024 White House race.

Although he is only 3 years older than Trump, many voters have expressed concerns over his ability to continue serving the country. If re-elected, Biden would be 86 years old by the time he finishes his second term.

A Reuters Poll Shows That Just 40 Percent of Americans Approve of Biden’s Work

While multiple Republican candidates are vying against Trump, Biden has yet to face any significant challengers from his party.

Despite being the only major contender on the Democratic side, Biden is grappling with low approval ratings. A recent Reuters poll shows that just 40 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s work.

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