Videos Showing Biden Biting and Sniffing Members of the Public Causing Outrage

Criticism floods in as President Joe Biden’s recent interaction with a young girl at Helsinki Airport raises eyebrows and leaves many questioning his behavior and ability to lead.

Odd Interaction

As Biden prepared to leave Helsinki, he took a moment to meet with embassy staff and their families.

A clip captures the moment that has now gone viral; in the footage, Biden is seen playfully trying to make a young girl laugh. 

Some viewers have branded the interaction as “odd.”

As the President engages with the mother and her daughter, he appears to pretend to bite the young girl and places his mouth on her shoulder.

Child Didn’t Like His Bites

While the girl’s mother seems to find the encounter amusing, the child appears uncomfortable and tries to wriggle away from the President. 

The mother seizes the moment to take a selfie with Biden.

Rep. Matt Gaetz voices his concerns, describing the interaction as “quite strange” on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. takes to Twitter, fueling the debate with his comment: “Biden should be in a nursing home, not leading the free world.”

Fake Video

This isn’t the first time Biden has faced accusations of sniffing someone’s hair. 

A fake video circulated earlier this month, showing the President seemingly sniffing a baby. 

Twitter intervened by adding a community note to the video, clarifying that it was doctored.

The note on Twitter adds context to the video, stating: “This is a doctored video of Biden visiting with a soldier’s wife and baby.” 

Video Causes Outrage

It also directs viewers to the original video on TikTok, where Biden merely makes noises in the baby’s ear before taking a selfie with the soldier’s family.

As the video continues to spark outrage, the public is divided on the President’s actions. The debate rages on, with many questioning the appropriateness of his behavior.

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