“Dog-Faced, Lying, Pony-Soldier” Biden’s Bizarre Rambling Leaves More Than His Critics Asking – What He’s on About? And What’s He On?!

President Joe Biden’s closing remark at a Connecticut summit on gun safety reform perplexed many observers and questioned his cognitive acuity. Here’s what happened.

Uh, What?

As President Biden concluded his speech at the National Safer Communities Summit in West Hartford, he informed the audience about an approaching storm.

He apologized for not being able to shake hands with all attendees.

However, his choice of words drew attention when he said, “Is that the truth? Now, do not make a lie – as in that scene in the John Wayne movie – don’t make me a dog-faced, lying, pony-soldier.”

“God Save the Queen”

He added, “I will stand in front of each section – no, I really mean it – if you can see the camera they can see you. It is the least consequential part of this whole meeting for you, I promise.”

Finally, he said, “All right. God Save the Queen, man,” before appearing momentarily confused about where to exit the stage.

The use of “God Save the Queen” by President Biden, particularly in Connecticut, one of the original thirteen colonies that declared independence from Britain, raised eyebrows and left many observers puzzled.

Questioning His Mental State

Even the White House pool report, responsible for providing a detailed account of the president’s activities, acknowledged the confusion surrounding Biden’s remark.

The incident sparked criticism and further speculation about the president’s mental state.

Concerns transcend national boundaries and drawing attention to the broader concerns about his verbal slips.

Is He Drunk?

President Biden’s off-script remarks and occasional verbal slips have fueled online discussions.

Critics seized the opportunity to question his mental fitness, suggesting that such incidents indicated incapacity or impaired judgment.

Social media users, including political strategist Evan Berryhill, likened Biden’s remark to the behavior of an intoxicated person attempting to play off their intoxication.

The Brits are Concerned

The remark also attracted the attention of individuals in the United Kingdom.

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, questioned President Biden’s cognitive abilities in a tweet with a video of the remark.

While it is common for public figures to make off-the-cuff remarks or slips of the tongue, the scrutiny surrounding President Biden’s verbal miscues is amplified due to his age and the viral discussions.

Drug Testing Needed

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw Tweeted Biden’s comment with a GIF of former President Washington rolling his eyes.

Several other social media users joked and shared their thoughts about the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Has he been drug tested? I’m starting to see a pattern…”

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