Biden’s Hawaiian Fiasco: 13 Days Late, Gaffes Galore, and a Bizarre Kitchen Fire Comparison!

President Biden has been under fire for a delayed reaction to the deadly Maui Wildfires and a series of gaffes that occurred on his eventual visit to Hawaii. Here’s the full story.


President Joe Biden took THIRTEEN days to travel to Hawaii after deadly wildfires consumed various islands, taking over 100 lives and annihilating countless structures.

Instead of responding promptly, the President opted for a vacation at his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, attended events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and even embarked on a private family getaway to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Despite the hours President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden dedicated on Monday in Lahaina – consoling survivors, appreciating the relentless efforts of first responders, and delivering speeches – the reception was far from warm.

A two-week delay in his visit after the deadly fires and his vacationing while the disaster unfolded left a significant portion of Hawaiians feeling overlooked and undervalued.

Flipping off Biden’s Motorcade

They weren’t shy about expressing it, either. Footage obtained by TMZ showcased citizens openly venting their frustration at the President’s motorcade, with some flipping off Biden’s motorcade and others hurling swears.

One resident’s exclamation, “Wow, he’s finally here. 13 days,” captured the prevailing sentiment.

Apart from the visible delay in the President’s reaction, his administration was criticized for its seemingly inadequate assistance – a mere $700 one-time direct aid to households forced to evacuate.

Critics argue that such an amount pales compared to the losses, especially for residents of Hawaiian towns that now lie in ruins.

A Confusingly Inane Personal Anecdote

The promised “immediate needs” relief seems like a drop in the ocean for families facing the challenge of rebuilding their homes and lives.

Yet, these weren’t the only missteps during Biden’s Hawaiian visit. The President’s speech in Lahaina, filled with name blunders and awkward pauses, became immediate fodder for critics – once again raising questions about his mental state.

In a significant misstep, Biden referred to Sen. Brian Schatz as “Brian Schantz,” which, while seemingly minor, underscored a trend.

The next mistake was even more pronounced as he bumbled through a confusingly inane personal anecdote while addressing Senator Mazie Hirono.

“He’s a Mess”

“Senator Mazie Hir… By the way, Mazie, I told my granddaughter, whose name is Maisy as well – she said, ‘That’s why I like her.’ Anyway. But her name is Maisy as well,” the President said, raising eyebrows in the crowd.

However, the gaffes didn’t end there. Biden’s pronunciation struggles continued as he attempted to name one of Hawaii’s Democratic representatives, “And, and Jill… er… To.. Tokuda,” further cementing the narrative of his lapses during the visit.

News outlets, media platforms, and social media users latched onto these errors. While some described these fumbles as “embarrassing” and “disgusting,” others found humor.

“Joe Biden having a laugh about Mazie Hirono’s name. Then, he struggles to pronounce the name of a Hawaiian official. It’s pretty clear why they didn’t want Joe to go out there. He’s a mess,” posted Citizen Free Press, a news aggregator.

He Compared Maui to His KITCHEN Fire!

To find a shared ground of empathy with the affected families, Biden recounted a personal experience – a kitchen fire at his Delaware home in 2004.

Unfortunately, his tale of a narrowly averted disaster involving a lightning strike, firefighters, his wife, a Corvette, and his cat ended up contrasting sharply with the magnitude of devastation in Hawaii.

While drawing parallels between personal experiences and the experiences of the affected can be a way for leaders to establish a connection, this comparison was tone-deaf – especially since a 2004 local report indicated that the fire at Biden’s residence was minor and contained promptly.

The backlash online was swift and brutal. One Twitter user said, “People have lost everything, children are missing, embers still burning, and this narcissist makes the tragedy about himself. Just repulsive.”

He Rushed Back to His Lake Tahoe Vacation

Amidst the missteps, the cherry on top was Biden’s quick exit – mere hours after his arrival, rushing back to his Lake Tahoe vacation.

Jake Schneider, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, expressed the collective sentiment in a crisp statement: “There’s a reason furious Maui residents lined the road with signs accusing Biden of being “too late” – because he was.”

President Biden’s Hawaiian trip, intended as a gesture of support, was overshadowed by mounting criticisms and notable missteps. While the intent might have conveyed solidarity, critics think the delivery left much room for improvement.

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