Biden’s High Praise for Harris Raises Eyebrows: “Doing an Incredible Job, and She Really Is”

President Biden’s recent address to the Congressional Black Caucus has raised eyebrows after he claimed VP Harris was fighting for freedom and the Biden administration had rebuilt the economy. Here’s the full story.

Harris Is “Always Fighting for Freedom”

The president’s remarks began with thanking his vice president and said she was “always fighting for freedom.”

He added that Harris is “doing an incredible job, and she really is. I told you I was gonna have a smart vice president and an African American woman, and we got one.”

The President then stressed his strong condemnation of the political division within Congress, singling out what he referred to as “extreme Republicans” who are willing to shut down the government.

Potential Government Shutdown

President Biden highlighted the importance of reaching a bipartisan agreement on government funding to prevent a shutdown on October 1.

He stressed that a government shutdown would adversely affect various essential services, from food safety to cancer research to programs like Head Start for children.

Biden urged Republicans to fulfill their basic responsibilities in Congress and work together to fund the government.

“So I’m Running Again”

In his address, President Biden also touched on the upcoming 2024 election, echoing his previous statements about the state of American democracy being at risk.

He said, “I might add, we won convincingly and clearly by a margin of seven million votes, 81 million votes cast. The most in history. And that victory withstood not one, but 60 legal court challenges and an insurrection on January 6. So I’m running again.”

Biden “Knew What to Do”

The president also defended his ability to lead and said, “When I came to office, this nation was flat on its back. I knew what to do. I vaccinated the nation and rebuilt the economy. When Russia invaded Ukraine. I knew what to do. I rebuilt NATO. And brought our alliance to rally the world. And above all, when democracy was taken I knew what to do.”

On the topic of political division and violence in the United States, President Biden placed blame on former President Donald Trump and his base of supporters.

MAGA Republicans Are “Determined to Destroy This Democracy”

He said, “Let there be no question Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to spread anger, hate, and division. They seek power at all costs, they’re determined to destroy this democracy.”

“I cannot watch that happen, nor can you. And I’ll always defend, protect, and fight for our democracy,” he added.

Furthermore, President Biden shared personal anecdotes from his history of involvement in the civil rights movement, emphasizing his connection to the African-American community.

His Debt to the African-American Community

He added, “When I ran the first time for the Senate at 29 years old, and Nixon won by 64% in my state, I won because virtually 90% of the African-American community — we have a large community — voted for me. I owe you.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the speech. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Blame game. In the end, our citizens get nothing and Joe Biden is 10% richer.”

Another user added, “Harris has failed at every task you set for her. Every single one.   She has accomplished nothing. She is worthy of no praise.”

“Turning America Into an Authoritarian State”

A third user commented, “No Brandon, it’s your spending problems that are pushing a shutdown. Budgets are agreed upon by both parties. If the government shuts down it is because “both parties” cannot agree on a budget.”

A fourth user wrote, “He’s right. As for Harris hailed as a “freedom fighter”, that might seem a bit over the top but I will give the nod to anyone fighting a far-right party bent on turning America into an authoritarian state.”

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