Biden’s Impeachment Trial Has Started! Could He Be Forced Out of Office Before the Election?

Joe Biden becomes only the 4th president in US history to go through the impeachment process, which could potentially have him removed from office. Here’s why the Republicans think he should be ousted!

Biden Family’s Shady Business Dealings

US politicians are initiating a process that could potentially lead to the impeachment of President Joe Biden. The catalyst for this escalation is a series of allegations and accusations primarily fueled by Republicans, who have raised concerns about Biden’s family business dealings.

Republicans have specifically honed in on Hunter Biden’s activities, claiming that they suggest an influence-peddling scheme. Their claims, however, have lacked substantial evidence. 

Alleged Bribery Attempt

Central to these accusations is an alleged bribery attempt implicating Joe Biden during his vice-presidential tenure, kicking off the investigation.

The formal process is considered the most powerful check Congress has on the executive branch, including the president, vice president, and the cabinet.

Impeachment Conducted by Senate

Impeachment in the United States is a rare event that has never seen a sitting president being ousted from the White House. That’s down to the Senate and only the Senate.

Only a few presidents in the nation’s history have faced this ordeal, including Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and, notably, Donald Trump, who faced impeachment twice during his tenure.

It’s worth noting that former president Richard Nixon resigned before his impeachment trial began in 1974.

Alleged Influence-Peddling Scheme

Since seizing the majority in the House, Republicans have been doggedly investigating Joe and Hunter Biden. They have claimed that the father-son duo was involved in an influence-peddling scheme. 

A peddling scheme occurs when someone of authority personally gains from their power. In this case, the Biden family is accused of earning millions from foreign sources during Joe Biden’s presidency and vice presidency.

Pressure on Ukrainian President

It is alleged that the president pressured Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor to stop an investigation into Burisma, an oil-and-gas company Hunter Biden was on the board of.

Central to their focus is an alleged bribery attempt implicating Joe Biden during his vice-presidential tenure, suggesting he pressured Ukraine to protect his son’s interests. 

Republicans claim that Joe Biden used his influence to protect his son and Burisma from legal scrutiny, leading to allegations of abuse of power.

Reams of Financial Records Scoured

This aspect of the investigation has been particularly contentious, with Democrats and Republicans engaging in heated debates over the validity and relevance of these allegations.

House Republicans, led by James Comer, have gathered reams of financial records, aiming to establish a connection between Hunter Biden’s business dealings and policy decisions made by Joe Biden. 

House Has to Approve Charge

To impeach Mr. Biden, the House would have to approve at least one impeachment charge against him, which requires a majority vote, a situation which is currently highly unlikely due to a lack of evidence.

An impeachment inquiry can also be closed without charges being brought, depending on the findings and evidence gathered during the investigation.

No Set Rules on Length

There are no set rules on how long an impeachment inquiry can or must last. The duration of the proceedings can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the case, the evidence gathered, and the level of scrutiny required to establish the veracity of the allegations.

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