Biden’s Repeated ‘Public Loss of Dignity’ – Does Letting the ‘Stumbling and Confused’ Lead Verge on “Elder Abuse?”

President Joe Biden spoke at an event in Philadelphia, where he once again stumbled up a short flight of stairs to get to the podium. Here’s the whole story. 

Producing and Delivering Hydrogen Fuel

President Joe Biden was speaking at an event in Philadelphia when he had his latest stumble up a small stairway. 

Biden arrived at the Tioga Marine Terminal to speak about his “Bidenomics” economic agenda.

During his speech, Biden announced that a new hydrogen hub was being built because of his administration’s clean energy initiative. 

Biden said it was one of seven regional hubs selected to “produce and deliver hydrogen fuel… to limit greenhouse gas emissions.”

Biden’s Latest Tumble

There were only three stairs to climb, but Biden tripped and stumbled up them while waving at his supporters.

Biden was still hunched over when he froze momentarily after reaching the top of the steps. 

The president was able to catch himself, and video of the incident shows him with a big smile on his face at the podium before he started speaking. 

One person on social media said the president “recovered with charm and wit.”

Is There a Day When Biden Doesn’t Trip?

Earlier in the year, the White House physician diagnosed Biden with “significant spinal arthritis.” Since the diagnosis, the president has had multiple tripping incidents. 

Biden’s team is committed to his safety, and they want him to “wear tennis shoes and limit stair climbs” to prevent another fall.  

One person on social media suggested the “stairs be replaced with a ramp” for the president. 

After numerous tripping incidents, one person on the social media platform X said, “Seems like the day he doesn’t trip would be more newsworthy.”

Carry Him Up the Stairs

One person wanted to know if Biden has “set the record” for the “most times a human has tripped going ‘up’ the stairs.”

One commenter said, “It won’t be long before they have to carry him up the stairs.”

Another person said it was “scary” that this is the guy “with his finger on the button” as the U.S. president. 

Many people still question if Biden is physically and mentally capable of being the president.

Some think he should “go ahead and retire.” 

Borderline Elder Abuse

One person on X commented on how “feeble” Biden has become as well as a “decline in his mental status.” This person said it was “borderline elder abuse to let him continue his embarrassing behaviors.”

Several comments called the president’s behavior “absolutely embarrassing” and said that Biden “should not be running our country.”

One person said Biden was a “prime example of why America needs Total Term Limits.” This person said, “Politics shouldn’t become a career.”

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