Biden’s Verbal Fumbles and Physical Stumbles Alarm Americans

Joe Biden’s recent visit to Philadelphia made headlines — not for his intended economic agenda but for an unexpected stumble as he took the stage. 

Stumbled Yet Again

In Philadelphia President Biden managed to catch himself as he fell up a flight of three steps. 

While the crowd cheered after Biden regained his balance, it was not just his physical stability that was a concern. As the leader of the United States of America, the perceived strength and health of our leader is always on display.

A Secret Mission

This comes just weeks after Axios’s recent story that suggested there is a covert mission within the White House aimed at preventing Biden from falling.

While this may seem like a humorous or insignificant possibility, it would be evidence of the seriousness of his health and is cause for concern.

Biden’s Health Challenges

Biden’s balance difficulties have been attributed to spinal arthritis and post-fracture foot arthritis. 

However, these concerning events are beginning to pile up. 

In Colorado, at the Air Force One Academy graduation ceremony, Biden fell on stage. Of course, everyone remembers when he fell up the stairs boarding the Air Force One three times in that single climb to the top. 

History of Incidents

In a recent story in Forbes, they listed quite a few of his many missteps and mistakes, verbally and otherwise.

Not only is he at risk of falling but he has also had a history of incidents, like when he walked off the MSNBC set before the segment ended or left before the Medal of Honor Ceremony was over.  

Lies or Memory Loss?

We can’t forget because he can’t stop making up all these stories that are easily proven to be false. 

He has repeatedly said that his son died in Iraq, but that is simply not true. His son, Beau, died from brain cancer.  

On several separate occasions, Biden has lied about almost losing his wife, 67’ Corvette, and his cat in a house fire. These assertions have been proven to be untrue, yet that has not stopped Biden from telling that completely made-up exaggeration of the truth.

Joe Biden has, on more than one occasion, claimed to have been a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Disturbing Trend

The number of incidents, as well as his choice in timing, are both disturbing and could be signs pointing toward a darker issue. Every move he makes has come under close scrutiny. 

So for Joe Biden, that Friday in Philly when he managed to catch himself and not fall flat on his face like he has so many times in the past, that was a true triumph.

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