“I Don’t Believe In Straight People.” – Bisexual Model Shares Thoughts on the ‘Sexuality Spectrum’ and Accusations of Groping

In a recent interview, Emily Ratajkowski, a well-known model, admitted that she doesn’t believe in straight people before hinting towards her bisexuality in a viral TikTok.

Sexuality Spectrum

Emily Ratajkowski, known for her boldness, makes a surprising revelation hinting at bisexuality and challenging straight identities.

Before launching her podcast, “High Low with EmRata,” the 31-year-old model and actress spoke openly about her views on sexuality in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

A viral TikTok trend suggested that those who own a green couch are bisexual, leading Ratajkowski to hint at her own bisexuality.

In the viral video, Ratajkowski shares one of the “Green Couch” videos before revealing that she herself owns a green couch.

Groping Incident and Cheating 

In the interview, Ratajkowski suggests that sexuality is a spectrum, saying, “I don’t believe in straight people.”

Ratajkowski soared to fame in 2013 when Robin Thicke cast her in the music video for the song “Blurred Lines.”

In her book “My Body,” the model bravely admits to being “groped” by Thicke on the set of the video.

Recently, she filed for divorce from her husband of 4 years for his constant cheating.

The “ONE Exception”

It’s fair to say that Twitter was divided after hearing her thoughts, sparking a massive debate between the left and right.

Some users agreed with Ratajkowski about her views on straight people not existing, “I mean…. I agree,” one said.

One user even suggested from their own experience, “Every single man or woman I have ever known has had ONE exception to their heterosexuality, she’s completely correct.”

“Desperate for Attention?”

Of course, with such a controversial comment, there’s going to be backlash, with many people taking the comment the wrong way.

One Twitter user compared the comment to what “creepy” men say, “this might be a controversial take, but yes they do. this is the same logic creepy men use to try and sway lesbians.”

A different user suggested it’s all a publicity stunt, “Is this what happens when your acting career fails and you are desperate for attention?”

Do you think the model has a point? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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