Bizzare Side Effect to Medication Left Him With a “Goth Skeleton!”

One unsuspecting TikToker discovered an astonishing revelation about the color of his bones. In a viral video, he explains how he contracted a rare disease that turns the jaw and skeleton to black color.

An Unexpected Diagnosis

TikToker Archie had an alarming encounter when he discovered his newly sprouted wisdom tooth was black!

Immediately, thoughts of teeth rotting flooded his mind, but the reality was far rarer.

As Archie rushed to his doctor and was met with an unexpected diagnosis – black bone disease.

This rare condition causes a person’s bones, including the jaw, to turn black.

Origins of His Black Bone Disease

Shocked by the revelation, Archie shared his journey on TikTok in a video that captivated over one million viewers.

Archie traced the origins of his black bone disease back to his middle and high school days when he battled severe acne.

Seeking treatment, he used a minocycline medication, unaware of its side effects.

It turns out minocycline can leave a stain on the bones, turning them permanently black.

Curiosity and Intrigue

Archie’s adult teeth were spared from the effects of minocycline, as they had already emerged before he started using the medication.

His TikTok video sparked curiosity and intrigue among viewers.

“I’m working to be a forensic anthropologist, and this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard,” one commenter raved.

“It sucks because I kind of want archeologists to find my really goth skeleton,” Archie jokingly shared.

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