Black Muslim Woman Sues White Nurse for Racial Discrimination and Cervix Insensitivity

A nurse from the Philadelphia area is now being sued in federal court after a video of her aggressively questioning a patient’s medical concerns went viral last fall. 

Fraudulent Pregnancy Pains

Theresa Smigo, a nurse at Philly Pregnancy Center’s Norristown clinic, was caught on video expressing doubt about the severity of Jillian Rightmyer’s pregnancy-related pain and suggesting it would be “fraud” if she missed work due to the pain.

The video, which gained widespread attention in October, depicted a conflict between a Black Muslim pregnant woman and a white healthcare provider, sparking outrage.

Rightmyer, 25, had visited the Norristown clinic seeking a doctor’s note to begin maternity leave early due to extreme back pain in her third trimester.

“What were you thinking about when you got pregnant — that you were not going to work?” nurse practitioner Theresa Smigo questioned Rightmyer while they were both waiting for the note in the clinic’s lobby.

“Because I Stuck My Hand in There and Checked Your Cervix”

Rightmyer, taken aback by the insensitivity of the remark, swiftly responded, defending her position and highlighting the differences in their circumstances.

“But am I you?” Rightmyer retorted. “Are you me? Do you know how I feel?” Her words served as a reminder that personal experiences and perspectives can differ significantly.

Unfazed by the impact of her words, Smigo callously remarked, “Because I stuck my hand in there and checked your cervix,” accompanied by a chuckle.

This dismissive response further demonstrated a lack of empathy and professionalism on Smigo’s part.

“I Can’t Believe She Caused a Pregnant Woman This Type of Stress; She Belongs Nowhere Near Any Pregnant Woman or Woman Ever!”

“I can’t believe she caused a pregnant woman this type of stress; she belongs nowhere near any pregnant woman or woman EVER!” one outraged viewer wrote.

“I was in horrible pain a nausea during both my pregnancies till birth. I’m so tired of these people thinking every pregnancy is the same,” another said.

Faced with such mistreatment, Rightmyer has decided to pursue justice through the legal system. She has filed a lawsuit against Smigo, the Philly Pregnancy Centers, and other relevant parties involved in the incident.

“That Nurse Was Absolutely Disrespectful and Unprofessional”

This legal action aims to hold accountable those responsible for the discriminatory treatment and inadequate support Rightmyer endured during her visit to the clinic.

“That nurse was absolutely disrespectful and unprofessional. I’m so sorry this happened to you. The nurse was angry things didn’t go her way,” someone added.

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