Black Teenagers Are Not To Blame, It’s the Upper Middle-Class White Girls That Are the Invisible Thieves

A woman’s viral post boldly claims that upper middle-class teenage white girls are thieves, and the social media community wholeheartedly agrees.

An Eye Opening and Frank Discussion

With personal anecdotes and a no-holds-barred approach, this woman challenges stereotypes and prompts an essential discussion on the platform.

Get ready to dive into the eye-opening world of Alyssa’s viral revelation and the reactions it ignites.

In a viral TikTok post on July 7, 2023, creator Lyss Lyss, @alyssacardib, made a bold statement about teenage upper middle-class white girls being notorious for stealing things. 

Despite potential pushback, Alyssa fearlessly shared her belief and recounted personal experiences that shed light on the issue.

“Upper Middle-Class Teenage White Girls Are Some of the Biggest Kleptos Around”

The TikTok video started with Alyssa introducing herself and confidently stating, “I will say this once and I will say it again, but upper middle-class teenage white girls are some of the biggest kleptos around.” 

She recalled a college consumer behavior class discussion where she mentioned buying something at a store even if she didn’t want it, just to avoid looking like she had stolen something. 

Her professor reassured her, but Alyssa candidly retorted, “Babe, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I am the profile.”

Drawing attention to the prevalence of surveillance cameras in makeup sections at Target and Walmart, Alyssa challenged stereotypes about theft. 

She Unwittingly Witnessed Multiple Girls Stealing Underwear

She also shared an eye-opening high school experience where she joined the cheer squad, went shopping with new friends, and unwittingly witnessed multiple girls stealing underwear. 

These incidents, along with anecdotes from TikTok users, aligned with Alyssa’s belief that white upper middle-class teenagers are commonly associated with theft.

While acknowledging that not all Black teenagers steal, Alyssa emphasized the need to drop negative stereotypes and treat everyone equally. 

While Black Teenagers Have Faced False Accusations

She highlighted the double standard where white shoppers may be perceived as harmless, making it easier for them to go unnoticed while stealing, while innocent Black teenagers and others have faced false accusations.

The viral video sparked widespread agreement among TikTok users, who shared similar stories of witnessing or knowing about such thefts. 

Alyssa’s unapologetic honesty resonated with many. One user wrote, ““I know this from when I worked at Nordstrom. The number of teenage girls Lost Prevention caught and their parents were well off.” 

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