Armed with Bleach: Racist Grandma Microaggressions Escalate with Horrifying Toddler Makeover

This TikTok story has gone viral, and people are outraged! A woman named Amiyah faced a heartbreaking dilemma when her mother-in-law crossed a line she never thought possible.

Microaggressions from Mother-in-Law

Amiyah was in a difficult situation with her mother-in-law (MIL). From the beginning, Amiyah sensed that her MIL wasn’t thrilled about her son marrying a black woman. Though she hadn’t been outright nasty, subtle microaggressions were all too common.

One of the earliest incidents occurred when they first met – her MIL touched Amiyah’s curly hair and said she loved her “wild look.”

Amiyah, feeling offended, politely asked her not to touch her hair.

But her MIL brushed it off, said, “You must be used to it since you’re okay wearing your hair like this,” and touched it again!

Prettier With Straight Hair 

Amiyah confided in her then-boyfriend, now husband, about this unsettling encounter.

He understood her concerns and talked with his mother about respecting personal boundaries. After that, they went low contact with her, hoping it would improve their relationship.

Despite these efforts, her MIL continued making uncomfortable comments, usually about Amiyah’s race and natural hair.

One instance that stuck out to Amiyah was when her MIL asked her why she had never tried to tame her hair. Her MIL then explained she thought that Amiyah would be such a pretty girl if she had straight hair, and her natural hair was such a shame.

Criticising New Grand Baby’s Hair

These remarks were not only rude but hurtful, and to add insult to injury, this happened in front of all of Amiyah’s in-laws, with none coming to her defense.

Amiyah and her MIL’s relationship really took a hit when Amiyah gave birth to their first child. Her mother-in-law’s comments at the hospital were nothing short of shocking.

As she held the baby for the first time, instead of embracing the moment, she couldn’t help but comment on the baby’s hair, saying, “Let’s hope you end up having pretty hair like grandma!”

Amiyah had heard enough. She kicked her out of the delivery room, further straining their fragile relationship.

A Most Regrettable Day with Grandma

For a while, Amiyah kept her MIL at arm’s length. However, their work life got super busy, and the couple decided to take a day trip, leaving their daughter in her care.

Despite her reservations, Amiyah reluctantly agreed. Little did she know that this decision would lead to one of the most regrettable moments of her life!

When Amiyah returned to her mother-in-law’s house, her jaw dropped when she saw her daughter.

Her toddler had swollen eyes like she had been crying all day.

What Had She Done to Her?!

Even more concerning was her daughter’s hair, which had been dyed and straightened! It looked terrible, and Amiyah’s daughter was clearly upset.

Like any mama bear, Amiyah wasn’t going to let this stand. She immediately began ripping into her mother-in-law, demanding to know what she had done to her child. 

Amiyah’s MIL was unfazed. She kept telling Amiyah to calm down and explained that this was a much cleaner look for her daughter.

Apparently, Her mother-in-law had taken the toddler to a professional salon for hair dye and keratin treatment (a chemical treatment that makes curly/wavy hair look straight, sometimes permanently.)

A Distressing Day

However, the results could have been better. Her daughter’s hair was an unnatural platinum blonde, and the keratin treatment left it with a crispy, wavy texture that felt like straw. 

The worst part? Her little girl had been forced to spend almost four hours sitting in the salon chair despite being just a toddler with a typical toddler-like attention span. She was exhausted and upset, constantly touching her hair and crying in her mother’s arms.

Amiyah was furious and declared that she would never let her MIL take care of her baby again and never wanted to see her again for as long as she lived! She stormed out, leaving her husband behind to deal with his mother.

Dad Did Nothing 

Amiyah comforted her distressed daughter in the car, but her husband’s silence was deafening.

He didn’t even check on their daughter or offer any support; instead, he went to bed early, leaving Amiyah feeling ignored.

Amiyah knew she couldn’t let her mother-in-law’s actions slide. It was one thing to disrespect her, but altering her daughter’s appearance without consulting them was a line she couldn’t tolerate.

She planned to have a serious conversation with her husband when he returned from work, hoping to find a way to navigate this tricky situation together.

Press Charges!

Amiyah’s journey was far from over, but she was determined to protect her daughter and assert her boundaries.

Viewers were left furious when they heard this story.

One person remarked, “Husband is a red flag tbh,” with someone else replying, “I would’ve pressed charges immediately, like so quick.”


What do you think about Amiyah’s mother-in-law’s actions? Was her reaction justified?

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