Blocking Dad: Social Media Gave Him an Insight He Couldn’t Handle

This story is about Roger, a man who faced an unexpected and challenging situation with his elderly father over the very modern dilemma of social media content. Let’s take a look at his predicament.

Generation Gap in a Digital Age

At the age of 46, Roger had always known the vast distances that separated him from his father, not just in miles but in perspectives as well.

They had been living far away from each other for the majority of Roger’s adult life.

The physical distance never seemed like a concern until the virtual world, particularly social media, bridged that gap and revealed their differing views and values.

At 70 years old, Roger’s father was certainly not the stereotypical senior citizen when it came to technology.

Unmasking Hidden Views

He saw social media platforms not just as tools for keeping in touch but as platforms to air and share his personal views, no matter how controversial they might be.

The older man viewed these platforms as his stage to voice opinions, and he did so with gusto!

Unfortunately, Roger often found himself aligning with the groups his father openly mocked and ridiculed online.

When Roger stumbled upon a series of his misleading and mocking posts about current issues, he couldn’t remain silent.

Clashing Views

It was one thing to know your parent had different views, but it was entirely another to see them laid out, stark and unapologetic, in the public domain.

It felt personal.

Roger decided to address one such post directly, leading to a string of exchanges that would alter their relationship.

In the course of their conversation, a shocking revelation came to light. Roger’s father confessed he had been deliberately concealing these posts from Roger for months. 

Hiding the Truth

His reasoning? He believed that Roger was “VERY” in sync with the groups and views he ridiculed, and he didn’t want to hurt his son’s feelings.

This gesture, however well-intentioned it might have seemed to the father, felt sneaky to Roger.

Frustrated and hurt, Roger decided to disconnect from his father online.

He removed him from his social media, and sadly, soon after, they stopped communicating entirely.

Creating Distance

Sometime later, Roger mustered the courage to address the issue once more, stating how hurtful it was to know his father was speaking ill of “people like him” behind his back; his father’s response was dismissive.

He brushed off Roger by saying that it wasn’t about Roger’s feelings at all.

While the day-to-day implications of this separation might seem minor, the emotional weight was a lot for Roger.

He struggled with the idea of keeping a relationship with someone who held such negative views about groups Roger identified with and who was so open about it online.

No Remorse

This wasn’t just any person; this was his father.

But could he really maintain a relationship with someone who, knowingly or unknowingly, mocked and belittled a part of who Roger was, especially when that someone felt no remorse in sharing those opinions publicly?

He shared his story with Reddit and asked if he was in the wrong for cutting off communication with his dad.

Navigating Family Relationships Online

Redditors had their say on Roger’s situation, and their responses reflected a unanimous sentiment.

Many chimed in with the assertion that he was absolutely not a jerk, and they emphasized the importance of personal boundaries, even when it came to family.

One rule of wisdom was frequently shared: never actively engage on social media platforms where your parents are present. 

Banning Political Chat

One Redditor noted that disagreements are normal between families, but there’s no obligation to associate with people who hold views that cross personal lines, even if they’re family members. 

One user said, “NTA. I went through this with my mom. We are still not friends on social media, and whenever we talk, anything politics related is banned from discussion. It’s not the same relationship we used to have, but we at least still have a relationship.”

Social media connects us but sometimes exposes differences we’d rather not confront.

In an age where online platforms give us the power to express ourselves, it’s crucial to remember that our interactions can impact our relationships in unexpected ways.

What do you think about cutting off communication with family members with hurtful views? Have you ever had to make a similar decision?

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