Bob’s Barricades Net Worth, Owner, Growth (Updated)

Bob’s Barricades, Inc. is a consumer goods rental business and is based in Sunrise, Florida. As a temporary traffic control company, Bob’s Barricades, Inc has been operated since 1975 by Alan Chesler, the President, and Happy Alter, the Owner. 

A national leader in barricade manufacturing, Bob’s Barricades, Inc. is one of the world’s largest privately owned companies. The company provides reliable service, quality products, and a commitment to safety.

Full NameBob’s Barricades, Inc.
Business aboutConsumer Goods Rental and Providing Excellent Traffic Control Service
Based inSunrise, Florida
Founded in1975
FoundersAlan Chesler (President)
Happy Alter (Owner)
Official WebsiteBob’s Barricades
Bob’s Barricades Net Worth$37.25 million (Last Updated 2022)

Bob’s Barricades Net Worth

Bob’s Barricades, Inc. employs 225 people throughout the company and achieves annual sales of 37.25 million dollars. The corporate family of Bob’s Barricades, Inc. consists of 11 companies.


You will usually find orange cones, warning signs, and barricades at any construction site in Central Florida, and it is also common to see a sign that says Bob’s Barricades on all the equipment, including barricades.

Privately owned and operated, it is one of the largest barricade companies in the nation. Bob’s Barricades owns more than two million pieces of equipment installed at the multibillion dollar I-4 Ultimate Project over a 21-mile stretch. Their headquarters in South Florida is ready to provide more barricades and signs if necessary.

Bob’s Baricades Owner

Happy Alter is the owner of Bob’s Barricades. He is frequently asked how he got his name. Even when he was sleeping in his crib, he always smiled, so they called him ‘Happy.’

Bob’s Barricades is owned and operated by Alan Chesler and Alter for over four decades.

“We bought the company from James A. Ryder himself,” Alter mentioned. “It was only a one-branch operation, and it was Bob then.”

This name was kept, since they have had a lot of supervisors and managers named Bob through the years, and there was something appealing about it.

Bob’s Barricade Business Growth

The company has grown tremendously. There is no information about how much Ryder got paid for the company forty years ago or how much it is worth today. Their plan isn’t about making money but ensuring the safety of contractors and motorists.