Body Cams in Hospitals – A Solution to Racism or an Invasion of Privacy?

Dr. Amanda Calhoun, a vocal advocate for combating anti-Black racism in the medical field, has proposed the mandatory use of body cameras by healthcare professionals to combat racism. Here’s the whole story.

Mandatory Body Cameras in the Healthcare System?

Dr. Calhoun’s advocacy for mandatory body cameras stems from her own experiences as a Black woman working within the healthcare system.

In her opinion piece for The Boston Globe, she recounted instances of racial bias, derogatory comments, and unequal treatment towards Black patients by medical staff.

She wrote, “I have heard White nurses joke that young Black children will probably join gangs and doctors describe the natural hair of Black people as “wild” and “unkempt.””

“If hospitals and medical institutions want to make good on those anti-racism statements made in 2020, prove it: Have healthcare professionals wear body cameras,” she added.

… Has Sparked Both Support and Skepticism

Dr. Calhoun’s suggestion of implementing mandatory body cameras for healthcare professionals has sparked both support and skepticism.

While the idea might raise concerns regarding patient privacy, Dr. Calhoun proposes that families could give consent for the release of footage in cases involving complaints of racism.

Despite her compelling arguments, Dr. Calhoun acknowledges the uphill battle her proposal might face.

Yale University, where she is a third-year resident doctor, has not indicated whether they will consider implementing body cameras.

Real-Time Insights Into Interactions Between Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Citing the impact of body cameras on policing and police violence investigations, she highlighted how this technology can offer real-time insights into interactions between healthcare professionals and patients.

Dr. Calhoun envisions a shift towards a more just and unbiased medical environment by holding healthcare professionals accountable for their actions.

One Twitter user wrote, “Can they. So we can catch neglected malpractice that goes on in the health industry!  Should be mandatory in all rooms and operating theaters.”

Another User wrote, “HIPAA is unbelievably cumbersome and a pain in the rear sometimes, but thank goodness for it. Racism is terrible, but turning everything into a police state is not the way.”

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