Boobie Bar Net Worth 2022; What Happened after Shark Tank Deal?

Boobie Bar is a brand of superfood vegan lactation bars designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers. The most common use of this is to increase a mother’s milk supply. The bars contain a variety of herbal ingredients as well as natural ingredients that produce milk.

Company nameBoobie Bar
ProductVegan lactation bar
FounderWendy Colson
Shark Tank Deal $150,000 for 20% stake
InvestorDaymond John
Boobie Bar Net Worth$1 million (Last Updated 2022)

Boobie Bar Net Worth

It is estimated that BOOBIE Bar has a net worth of $1 million. 

This business was started with a $50,000 inheritance Wendy got from her family. It is now available in Walmart stores as well.

Founder of Boobie Bar

Wendy Colson, a certified lactation consultant and registered nurse, is the founder and CEO of this company. The brand was launched in 2015. 

There is an amazing amount of galactagogues packed into each of the bars. There are a variety of flavors available for BOOBIE Bars as well. Among them are peanut butter, oatmeal chocolate chips, blueberry muffins, etc. 

Boobie Bar Shark Tank Deal

Wendy brought this brand to Shark Tank to seek investments.The venture gained more attention after appearing on Shark Tank. For a 10% equity of the brand, she requested an investment of $150,000.

Mark Cuban was confused when he heard that the BOOBIE Bar was the hottest bar in the country. Nevertheless, Kevin agreed to pay her similar amounts in return for a 20% stake in the company.  

The proposal was rejected by Wendy. Meanwhile, Daymond John made the same offer, asking if she was interested in becoming the face of BOOBIE Bar, an offer Wendy readily accepted. 

What Happened to Boobie Bar After Shark Tank Deal?

BOOBIE Bar has become extremely popular since its appearance on Shark Tank and has been getting lots of buzz on social media. There was eventually an increase in sales. 

BOOBIE Bars come in a box of six, which retails for $17.99 on Amazon and Walmart. In addition, the brand’s revenue has gone up from $777, 000 to $1,620,000. 

Boobie Bar’s Current Status

Wendy has created several variations of BOOBIE Bar as a result of its popularity. A few of these include Hydro Mom, Boobie Bears, and Boobie Bark. The brand is expected to add new product lines in the near future. 

BOOBIE bars can increase the production of milk by as much as 4.6 ounces a day when consumed daily. As soon as Wendy launched the BOOBIE bar, she received positive feedback from customers across Canada and the US, before it even went into mass production. 

If you can’t find BOOBIE Bar in your local store, you can order it online, particularly on Amazon.