“We Should Not Let in People Breaking the Law” – Border Patrol Agents Caught Armed with Bolt Cutters HELPING Migrants into the US!

Recent footage exposed the actions of five Border Patrol agents at Eagle Pass, as they shockingly aid migrants to enter the US!

Border Patrol Assisting Entry

The footage shows the agents actively pulling and cutting through razor wire, using bolt cutters, and assisting a multitude of migrants up an embankment.

The video showed officers going above and beyond, aiding groups of migrants, including women and children, hoisting them up the embankment, and even covering the wire with fabric to make it safer.

After successfully crossing the border, migrants jumped in line for processing, thanks to the help of the officials. 

A Surge of Migrants

This shocking video was captured at the banks of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, a region inundated by a recent surge of migrants.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to install the wire, which was removed by Biden’s orders. The Guard then reinstalled the razor wire that had been tampered with in the video. 

The Governor had criticized President Biden for taking down the wire initially, suggesting it led to increased illegal border crossings.

“We Don’t Have the Funds”

With border crossings hitting a staggering 8,000 a day by the week ending on September 22, the crisis is reaching unprecedented levels, according to the Washington Office of Latin America.

Eagle Pass, a town of merely 28,000 people, has been flooded by more than 7,500 migrants in a short span. Mayor Rolando Salinas declared an Emergency Declaration as the surge of migrants continues.

Salinas claimed there would be no shelter installed to help house the large influx of migrants into the small town, “We don’t have the funds or resources to do that,” he said.

Women and Children Attempt to Cross

In a similar incident to the viral video, a hundred-strong crowd reached Piedras Negras on the Mexican side, braving waist-deep waters and engaging in a standoff with Border Patrol and National Guard boats, attempting to cross.

Though mostly comprised of men, there were women and children among the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants. Some appeared unwell and dehydrated by the time they reached the US.

Elon Musk made an appearance at Eagle Pass, live streaming from the overwhelmed border town.

“Anyone Who Is Hard-Working and Honest Should Be Let In”

Musk voiced his pro-immigrant stance, “As an immigrant to the United States, I am extremely pro-immigrant, and I believe we need an expanded immigration system so anyone who is hard-working and honest should be let in,” he started.

“But we should not let in people breaking the law. That doesn’t make sense. The law is there for a reason,” Musk argued.

After enduring thousands of illegal entries daily for over three years, states like Texas and New York are struggling to cope with the influx of migrants.

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