Border Patrol “Sending Back ZERO” – Elon Musk Live Streams Unchecked Migrant Influx – No Background Checks, No Consequences!

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk recently embarked on a journey to the U.S-Mexico border to witness firsthand the challenges and complexities surrounding the border crisis. His visit, prompted by an invitation from Rep. Tony Gonzales, brought him to Eagle Pass, a Texan town at the center of the immigration debate.

Live Streaming on X

Musk, known for his outspoken views on X (Twitter), chose to livestream his experience on X, shedding light on a situation that has ramifications not only for border towns but also for cities across the United States.

During his visit, Musk said he was “extremely pro-immigrant,” but had concerns about the current state of border security. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach to address the ongoing issues.

Musk’s visit revealed a scene of organized chaos at the border. Under one of the bridges connecting Eagle Pass to the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, an unfenced area served as a temporary holding space for immigrants who had recently crossed the Rio Grande.

Border Patrol officers processed hundreds of individuals daily, marking a consistent influx of newcomers.

Chaotic Order

Rep. Gonzales painted a grim picture of the situation, stating, “You’re seeing hundreds of people getting processed, and this is every single day. … You see how orderly it is? It’s like an orderly, chaotic, unruly event that’s happened.” 

Gonzales then continued by saying, “Here in Del Rio, Del Rio Sector is part of nine sectors — we’re getting over 2,500 people coming over illegally a day, and we are, we are repatriating or sending back 0.”

Astonished by this revelation, Musk remarked, “Zero? It’s exceeding the population of the town on a regular basis.” 

Safety Concerns

Musk and Rep. Gonzales discussed instances where immigrants with concerning tattoos were released into the United States rather than being turned away.

Musk explained “When someone tattoos a tear, it means that they have murdered someone. And they are so proud of having murdered someone that they tattoo one tear on their face for every person that they kill,” and, ” if they were murdering people somewhere else and proud of it, they will continue in that tradition.”

The congressman pointed out that immigrants can only be screened against U.S. criminal records and the FBI’s terrorist database, leaving a significant gap in background checks.

Arrests and convictions in other countries are not accessible to Border Patrol, further complicating efforts to ensure the safety of communities.

A National Issue

Musk and Rep. Gonzales also discussed the broader implications of the border crisis.

Musk noted that even large cities like New York are struggling to accommodate the influx of illegal immigrants.

Musk stated, “If New York can’t handle it, pretty much no part of the country can, so if we don’t do something soon, we’re just going to have like a collapse in social services, as we’re already seeing in New York.”

While discussing potential solutions to the border crisis, Rep. Gonzales suggested “common sense” actions that the Biden administration could take immediately to alleviate the situation.

Gonzales emphasized the importance of raising the threshold for credible fear, as many asylum seekers do not qualify for asylum. He said, “Most of the people that are seeking asylum are not going to qualify for asylum. Nine out of 10 actually are not.” 

Getting Asylum

Musk added that individuals could easily find key phrases online to gain entry into asylum proceedings, and then “you’re automatically in this asylum… sort of queue, which takes several years before you actually see [a judge], and then even if you do see one, even if you are denied, you’re not deported.”

Rep. Gonzales then proposed increasing repatriation flights and relocating immigration judges to the border.

This would expedite the hearing process, allowing immigrants whose claims are denied to be repatriated promptly rather than being released into the U.S. and waiting for years to appear in court.

Rep. Gonzales concluded his point by saying, “There has to be repercussions. And once you do that, Elon, this goes away. It went away for Trump. It went away for Obama. It went away for Bush. It went away for Clinton. And (the Biden administration is) not willing to do that,.”

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