Boundaries Blurred – A Father’s Struggle with Uninvited Responsibilities

A fed-up dad surprised Redditors when he revealed that he told his wife he was tired of raising a child that’s not his. It’s the kid’s identity that’s so shocking! Here is the whole story.

A Happy Family

OP is a 31-year-old man who’s married to a 30-year-old woman. They have one child, a 7-year-old daughter.

They are a happy family for the most part, and OP loves his wife and daughter very much. The problem is that an outsider is intruding on their lives.

OP’s daughter has a best friend who is also 7-years-old. The girl and her mother, who is 30, spend much time at OP’s house during the week.

That’s all good with OP, and he’s happy that his wife and daughter have close friends.

He Naturally Wants To Spend Time With His Wife and Daughter at the Weekend

But when the weekend comes around, OP wants to spend some dedicated time with his family, especially his daughter. He works long hours, so he and the girl don’t have many hours during the week to bond.

The problem is that the daughter’s best friend is almost always at OP’s house on Saturdays, just like every other day of the week – the girl’s mother often tags along, too.

That makes it difficult for OP to get the focused time with his daughter he wants. So he does his best and still takes his daughter to do things.

But the best friend always tags along. And not only that, OP has to pay for the girl to do everything because her father is too lazy and selfish to spend money on his kid.

… But Her Best Friend Is Always Around

OP even pays for the little girl’s dance lessons because his daughter wants her friend to accompany her to class. And he knows the other dad would never cough up the funds.

It was mostly an annoyance until OP was out with the two girls on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. On the way back home, his daughter asked if they could stop at a store so she could buy a gift for her mom.

OP was happy to make the stop, of course. But once they were at the store, his daughter’s friend wanted to buy something for her mom, too.

Of course, the little girl had no money, so OP had to spring for the other mother’s gift, too.

He’s Tired of Supporting Another Man’s Child

OP was angry about the scene the whole way home, though he didn’t take it out on the girls. Here he was, ensuring someone else’s wife had a Mother’s Day gift!

It ate at him all through Mother’s Day, too, but he stayed quiet until next week to avoid ruining the celebration.

But then OP approached his wife and told her he was tired of raising another man’s kid. He said he wanted time alone with his daughter, not with her and her best friend.

OP’s wife didn’t take that well, and she said that the friendship was very important to their daughter. She was offended that he lashed out like that, and then she stopped talking to him.

Did He Overreact?

In the aftermath, OP’s wife started sleeping in the guest bedroom. Now, he wonders if he really made a big mistake or if his wife is overreacting.

Redditors have mixed feelings about this.

Most of them understand OP’s desire for quality alone time with his own child.

But many also point out that the best friend is just a kid who can’t control her parents’ actions. They wonder if there is some compromise OP can find that will help her be safe and happy while still giving him time with his daughter.

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